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Jan 5, 2010
I love women. Short ones,tall ones,young ones,old ones,thin ones and meaty ones. I could go on.
Samanthas pictures are entirely accurate. She is not a small lady, but sexy and fully curvy with smooth skin and a great attitude. The pics make her look a bit like a bad ass biker chick,but she is anything but. Loves to laugh,beautiful smile and super down to earth. She's about as Polish as I am, maybe her granny came from the old country,but that's it. ( in case you're wondering..I'm not Polish )

She greeted me in a black neglige with a big hug. LFK quickly led to hungry DFK ( hint of smoke for those who need to know). She took pity on me and my foot. She thought I needed some comfort and gently pulled my head into her deep soft cleavage. I felt better.

As usual, I touched on restrictions so as to avoid any awkward moments later. " Restrictions? What do you want to do to me?" she said with a smile. Only thing was no COF, as apparrently guys have shitty aims. Everything else seemed open.
Clothes came off quickly and we made out on the bed. Her kitty is pink and meaty and was a little moist from the DFK. She then said " suck on my tits, I really like that" I spent some quality time with her big nipples as she started to get wetter.

Without knowing it, I've kinda developed a routine recently which I followed once again. Into the armchair for BBBJ. Slow and soft and wet and deep. Wet BLS, spitting on my cock. I grabbed a hunk of blonde hair guiding her up and down the length of my shaft. I stood up for BLS worship, sloppy bbbj and some squishy FF'ng. On to the bed for more head in more positions. ( why would I want to change this routine? )

Finally laid her back for standing MISH and she was tighter than I expected. Responsive, vocal with some dirty talk " You like my pussy?....Fuck it ". I swung her left leg over to the right so she was on her side. With her knees bent her wet shiny clam was pushing out and so inviting. I took her like that, on my knees with her almost in fetal position ( does that have a name? Side door? Anybody?) Whatever it's called it was awesome. Finished in jockey slapping her ass hard, which she really responded to . Powerful draining shot. Lets just say the condom was pretty heavy when I took it off ( Ew..gross ).

Down time was really nice. We talked about everything and we seemed to really hit it off. By the end she was telling me secrets and suggesting a bunch of nasty things she would like me to do to her if I come back. At one point I think she made me blush. She's very submissive.

One of the reasons I saw Samantha was because Adrianna told me she really likes to duo with her and she thought I should go check her out. Could be an intense experience. The head alone could cripple me.
iceman_dci said: are one busy MOFO.

Here's a scenario for you if you do duo with Adrianna and Samantha; they both like greek, have them in 69 and enter the one on top for greek and as your doing that, one on bottom is BLS...... BOING!!!!!!! Ah i have a sick mind.... AND !! If it were on the menu (which I'm sure it's probably not) a little A2M BOOOOIIINNNGGGG!!!! I AM a sick puppy....

That's so crazy it just might work.

( I'm a sick puppy. You're on an entirely different level )
forestgrumpy said:
She made you blush :?: , cannot believe that can happen to you Olayda. Curious also about the standing mish, she ain't no lightweight.

When I say standing MISH, she is lying at the edge of the bed and I'm standing. Great view of the folds of her wetness accepting my cock.
Picking her up with a cast on would be a bit of a feat.
Holy shit Olayda you just keep getting better and better friecken great as always. For someone that was in the retiring mood you are just a fucking machine, think being on HUBGFE does not help either.
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