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IN-Call Samantha @ Gspot Review


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Dec 8, 2009
Gspot is an easy agency to deal with, no issues setting up a same day 1 hr appointment. Incall was in a nice downtown hotel, no complaints here.

Looks wise Samantha looks better in person than her pics, she is a really hot looking lady and awesome body with the softest of skin. I knew she was more of a curvy lady but I was pleasantly surprised she is quite tonned. Her age is 27 but she seems much younger in both body and attitude, quite a nice girl.

She is not the LFK/DFK type, LK is good though with her nice soft lips. I thought it was a connection problem but seems more her style.

Went for some serious DATY of which she was totally surprised and had to keep thanking me for that. She is not really a big talker she has a more relaxed attitude, I normally go for the more aggressive take the lead ladies, but Samantha is great to see when i'm in the mood to take the lead. She does a slow and soft BJ which is deadly for me, I almost came really quick. Her pussy has control, man she felt good, done sog 1 in no time.

Talked a little, she really is the quite reserved stay at home type. After recouperating, I initiated round 2 with a back massage which ventured to the pussy/ass combo. Got into some DATY and that got her going. Enjoyed some doggy which is awesome. After awhile it wasn't going to happen so asked for a BJ and that did it with a sog 2 finish. BTW thats the first 2 sog 1hr session that I have had for a long time so her technique of soft and slow just is so good for me.

Samantha is Worth the visit, good for when I feel more like a 19 year old super hot submissive open minded amazing fuck.

Different session than I am normally used to.

Repeat - Yes.
CallmeMatt said:
Thanks for the good review Gd. I sometimes have a problem when the BJ is good and pop too early how do you control it?.

I can usually distract myself but thats a big problem with Samantha, she's got technique and looks so hot. Holding off more than 10 seconds is acheivement, I lasted maybe a minute.
Beenthere123 said:
Thanks for another great review GD, she the submissive type.

Yes, she is completely the submissive type. Normally I am uncomfortable leading the way but Samantha does make it easy, super nice girl and very open minded too.
Senor Gomes said:
How would you compare her services to your ATF ladies Senor GD.

I think who I want to spend time with more depends on my mood. Its not that any of my favorites and better than the others they all bring a different quaity and type of session.

Samantha is tops as a blonde submissive for a slow paced sensual open minded lady.
Rock said:
Same here lou are a lucky man GD she does role playing?

She lists role playing on her website page as one of her services, I do recommend that if you have that in mind set it up at least a day or two before so she can arrange to bring appropriate clothing with her.

Again IMHO, pick an appropriate role play where you are the dom and she the sub. She does mention on her site that she also does dom, but from my opinion that isn't her most suited role.
GD thank you so much for that review. Fan fucking tastic.

I love soft and slow. Also, when I was with Adrianna @ Gspot she said she loves to duo with Samantha exclusively and she thought we should give it a shot. Looking at Samantha's profile I wasn't sure, but now I am.

Thanks brother.

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