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IN-Call Samantha @ Gspot Review

olayda said:
GD thank you so much for that review. Fan fucking tastic.

I love soft and slow. Also, when I was with Adrianna @ Gspot she said she loves to duo with Samantha exclusively and she thought we should give it a shot. Looking at Samantha's profile I wasn't sure, but now I am.

Thanks brother.


I had to re-read your review of Adrianna, seems like they are very similar except that MSOG was ok for Samantha. I think you would be very happy with her.

A duo with Adrianna and Samantha would be a monumental event to live through.

DrAnus said:
You are a good reviewer GD, you give us enough information without the nitty gritty. A very intriguing review.

Glad you liked the review and the style, I write the review to make sure I give info on the type of session, the general impression of the ladies style and give some highlights. Most importantly, I ensure that my reviews use taste where the lady herself can read and not be embarrased by all the intimate details. BTW, if its warranted I do believe its important to write a negative review using tact, thankfully on another occasion I have only had one bad session to date.
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