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IN-Call Sara @ Oasis (from last spring)


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Dec 19, 2009
Sara at Oasis

Been meaning to see her for a long time. Just a half hour quickie this time. Sara is super fit. Lean and tone body. CBJ for a bit then off to the races. Multiple positions but my fav was holding onto the sides of her waist in CG. I still wonder what her body fat percentage is. Good overall safe GFE.

Will I repeat? We'll see...
Re: Sara @ Oasis (from last spring)

I think she was on special when I saw her. $120 for the half for me I believe. It's listed at $150 a half on their website.
Haven't been at Oasis in something like 10 yrs. Back in the day, along with Friends, they provided adequate service, but never exceptional. Now days, they're totally irrelevant.
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