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Sarah Wild - Review


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Mar 27, 2010
So while checking the other site out a while ago I noticed that Sarah Wild () was in town, so I checked out her site and I liked the pictures, so after a few emails back and forth we settled on a time this past Monday night at her incall location downtown Vancouver.

I arrived at the hotel and went to the bar for a drink as I was about 30 minutes early and was a tad nervous (I've never talked to a porn star let alone spent some "time" with one.). Once the time was drawing near, I headed up the elevator and to her room, where I knocked on the door and about 2 seconds later Sarah opened the door, smiling and greeted me with a nice hug.

We went into the room and she offered me a drink which I accepted and she brought them out for us and we sat down on the bed and started to make small talk for about 5 minutes until she suggested that we get more comfortable. Once we had got rid of those pesky clothes we started to DFK and I removed her bra while she started to explore and rub all over, most erotic. She then suggested that I lose my boxers and that I lie down, and to my surprise she spat on my member and then between her breasts and some very nice Russian ensued for a bit and then a very nice bbbj with spitting and lots and lots of eye contact, so hot. This went on for a nice 2 minutes until I heard a faint "69?" to which I said yes, and she hopped on and we started to go at it for about 5 minutes or so, nice and tasty and most responsive.

After that she slid off and grabbed a hat and put it on my banana and then she climbed on and then the cowgirl started. This girl really knows how to work you, and the whole time she was most vocal and smiling and had "that" look in her eyes. She then turned around for some RCG while I got a nice view of that beautiful ass while it went up and down on my banana, until I just could not take it anymore and I blew. She got off and lied down beside me and we started to talk while cooling down some, and then she cleaned me up and disposed of the evidence.

Some talking ensued, and I can most certainly say this is one smart young woman who knows what she is talking about. After what seemed like a long time (I think we went over the hour by a bit...) I got up off of the bed and started to get dressed while she slid under the covers and just looked plain hot there. I was just about to leave when she jumped out of bed and ran to me and kissed me yet again, then got a robe and put that on and walked me to the door where we kissed yet again, a nice slow deep kiss that only someone who really wanted to be there would do. I then said my goodbyes and left.

Throughout the whole session I never felt rushed, nor did I ever get the impression that this was a job to her. It almost didn't seem like this was a service, but more like she was my actual girlfriend, and that showed from the minute I walked into the room to the minute I left to go home. To be honest I was quite nervous to be with an actual porn star but once we started to talk all my nervousness left me and when I left I was full of contentment.

Sarah is from Montreal, and she has a very cute and sexy French accent that I loved throughout the session. She has a smaller frame, with nice bite sized breasts that she loves to have played with. She has lots of energy, and when she gave me "that" look it just made me melt.

As you know I don't do L/S/A, but for looks she is quite the hottie and most certainly a beautiful young woman. For service, there was nothing else she could have done to make me happier than I was, and this girl really knows what to do with a cock, let me tell you. Her attitude was fantastic the whole time, like I said it really did feel like I was with a girlfriend in the throws of passion at the moment and I could not ask for more.

Would I repeat? Defiantly yes.

Contact information:

Rate: $400 for one hour

No, not all of them. Sarah was traveling through when I saw her and offered a GFE rate and also a PSE rate. Not sure what the GFE rate was, didn't choose it...

The rates in BC are much higher than back east. My agency of choice is $320/hr, and for GFE which is usually CBJ only it's between $240-$350/hr on average. That's not to say you can't find for less, but sadly almost everything is more expensive out west...:(
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