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A little controversy by a member here so thought I will share my review of Sebelle with you guys.

Went to Condo expecting something good after FF and Rosco's reviews. This stunning tall Goddess greets me wearing a short nurse's outfit. Nice soft DFK, big hug and held my hand till we got to the room. Yes her pictures do not do her justice.

Mandatory shower, go to the room and she is on the bed waiting for me with a huge smile. JR. congratulates me on another good find, she sees it and says 'guess he likes what he sees', Told her he is color blind but knows a thing or two about beauty.

Started DFK for a short period, she went down to see my buddy within seconds and Damn another great one. Sloppy DT, more DT, she takes him by the head and starts with this slurping sound. Takes him and moves him from side to side. Goes in deep slowly this time and then fast with Jackhammer motion. She lets me take her head and pushed it in to JR. softly for a long time.

She stops, gets a glass of cold water and into JR. again. Another different sensation with the water. Wow, she kept on going, had to stop her or JR would've been finished. She undressed and couldn't keep my eyes of those perfect breasts. My turn I tell her.

Daty, and another wow. It reminded me of Kristen from RM. Perfectly shaven, no smell, sweet lips. Long time there, digits forever. She just kept opening her legs and would take whatever I gave her. She kept moving those hips at my speed. I felt like a conductor guiding the orchestra. Must say best combo I have ever experienced. She then tell me that I know very well how the female human body works. Points for her

Mish time, soft at the beginning. Don't be shy she says, harder it is. Harder, just fuck me she says. Being a gentleman, I obliged. More sex she says, Cowboy style, reverse cowboy was amazing. Then held her at the edge of the bed and did it again.

Couldn't take it anymore, Can I CIM I ask. Please she says.

Chit chat after and guys, another sweet, intelligent lady. She is so amazing as a person and in bed.

Repeat?. What do you guys think?...Many times over
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I had a session with Sebelle when she first arrived in TO. I found the session also very enjoyable with her and found her to be quite a hotty, Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you can't say the lady is unattractive and at the same time keep repeating with her. Just my 0.02 pennies of thought.
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thetank said:
Sounds like your session was a lot like mine. She is an absolutely stellar young woman.


Ditto thetank, she's amazing, she was using a miss Santa Claus outfit on my session, a perfect Christmas gift, awesome review thanks for sharing BT123.

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4Times said:
Beenthere123 said:
thetank said:
Sounds like your session was a lot like mine. She is an absolutely stellar young woman.


Where is 4x to tell us how many great reviews she's had?

Sebelle @ Exquisite Tied for 8th as the most positively reviewed SP in Toronto with Becky of Mirage.

This beauty from Quebec, is not available every day or even every week so her endorsement count is very impressive to land her in the top 10. Described as “Pure Sex On Heels” by AHAHOOPER. When Sebelle is at the office, she is fully booked and motivates her boyfriends to review her with a lot of exuberant praise. To quote AHAHOOPER further “She is a great kisser. great DT, with lots of nose-to-lower abdominal contact!! and done in multiple positions” Sebelle receives only good press and she is the fastest rising star in the Toronto incall scene. I have never seen Sebelle but plan to.

Holy fuck 4x, you are a walking encyclopedia about babes
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