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IN-Call Sebelle @ Exquisite .. The Day The Earth Stood Still!!!



Before i start my review about my new all time Favorite French Lady Sebelle.. I need to say Exquisite is awesome agency. Talked with Vanessa today.. She was very classy in everything..very professional.. each times booking handled very professional way... Thank you very much Vanessa.. it was a pleasure to talk with you.. lol.. talked with Vanessa almost 2 hours on my way back home... She kept company me in borring traffic on 401..

Back to Sebelle... Honestly i have another favorite french lady that i was thinking any other lady cant even come close to time i had with her..but i was totally wrong... I had my best 60 mins ever with Sebelle.. as soon as i walk in to room, i felt it is going to be amazing.. Forget about her pics on exquisite website.. She is just AMAZING!!! wayyyyyyyyy better looking than her pics.. She is beautifull in every aspect.. I am having hard time to find the right words to explain how i felt about her.. i am addicted to french ladies and their accent!.. and Sebelle is pure proof of why i have addiction to french ladies.. She is tall, has amazing body.. i mean amazing!!.. beautiful face.. incredible eyes.. tastefull lips... When God was creating this lady.. was very generous... She does things to your body that you never know it could be possible.. One suggestion to everyone.. Dont die before you see Sebelle!!!

I arrived to location.. Sebelle opened the door before i knock the door.. I walked in.. well when you see a lady first time .. you say hi.. or hello.. or how are you?.. etc.. but my first words were " Oh My God!! you are beautiful!!" She started laughing..thanked with very hot kisses... She was wearing sexy white outfit.. followed her into the room.. little chat.. more DFK... than offered drink.. i accepted... went to shower while she was getting our drinks.. Came out from shower.. Sebelle was sitting side of the bed and holding my drink.. sat besite her.. i was just about to have first taste of my drink, she pulled my towel away.. and said i dont want this on my way.. she took my drink away and pushed me into bed.. and right away came top of me.. i didnt want to close my eyes at all because she is so delightful to watch.. looking at her eyes while kissing.. my god.. this lady is the reason we are alive!!

I felt her lips almost all over me.. I dont think any other lady can do better BBBJ/DT.. Sebelle is really good at DT.. I mean real DT... this lady's BBBJ skills are just unbelievable!!! Eye contact all the time.. hand free... DT.. all the way in.. fast.. slow.. wet.. whatever you can think of about BBBJ/DT/BLS she did it... Sebelle took some break from her amazing bbbj treat took her bra off.. Those 34Ds are incredible.. Well it was time for me to explore this beauty.. let her lay down on bed.. Her skin so soft.. but she has very tight body.. i made my way down.. i took my time on daty and digits.. i couldnt get away anyway.. lol i think i am getting really good at daty.. i keep hearing this from the ladies... Sebelle said you are more than good at daty... lol... But she said again " I have to WIN " Told me to lay down again..Then Sebelle did start HOT/COLD BBBJ!! it just blasts you away.. little mint in her mouth when she started BBBJ.. this makes you feel so hot.. a minute later she put some ice cold water in her mouth and continue on BBBJ.. this was just incredible!!!!! she did this several times.. So she won the oral contest.. lol.. No complain from myside about her winning.. lol..

Time to cover.. CG.. Sebelle started to ride very soft and slow.. it was nice.. But i had no clue what is going to happen to me in couple mins.. She started hitting like crazy.. one second i tought we are going to visit neighbour just lives right under us.. or we are going to brake the bed.. slowed down again.. i thought earthquake was done... i was wrong!!!! she took FF Jr. all the way in again.. riding like 200km/H... oh well of course i couldnt hold it any more.. Did blow like volcano!!!.... I am kind of SOG guy.. Second SOG is kind of tough for me.. anyway little clean up.. hot towel treat.. she laid down beside me.. Talked about daily stuff for couple minutes.. Hearing her accent makes you back into game again without any effort.. I couldnt believe FF Jr was ready for round 2 in couple minutes..

More DFK started.. she made her way down again.. Another amazing DT tour with unbeliveble BBBJ.. I am telling you guys.. she does BBBJ/DT like no others.. If you think you had amazing DT and BBBJ wait until you see this amazing French Lady.. Another cover came on.. we started with CG again.. switched to Mish.. She just looks amazing in mish.. she made me move harder and faster... switched to RCG.. against mirror.. Sebelle knows every right moves.. switch to doggie... watching us from mirror was hot!! back to BBBJ/DT again.. Second SOG was on her amazing 34Ds... We were over our time but she wasnt in rush at all.. took another shower.. had little more chat with her.. she walked me to the door.. another hot couple minutes kisses beside door.. You just dont want to leave this lady. But.. time to go..

I had an amazing 75 minutes with Sebelle.. She is just unbelievable!! She just did hit to top of my best experiences list.. But this time it is going to be tough to take her down from there..

Huge thanks to Vanessa and Angi for making possible to meet with this Unbelievable French Lady Sebelle...

BTW sorry for long review.. I couldnt stop myself writing..
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