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IN-Call Sebelle's review a dream comes true


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Nov 12, 2009
Session with Sebelle@Exquisite it was the most perfect Christmas gift that I gave to myself ever.


I saw Sebelle last Friday and it was a really amazing experience. I was so anxious to meet her that on the hotel where she was I pushed the door three   times even the word PULL caved on the handle could be noticeable to everyone not to me lol.
She was using a Miss Claus outfit what instantaneous grabbed my attention on her beautiful body. I couldn't agree more with All4one's post on the Sebelle's review by B123. "Sebelle is very elegant woman and takes her job very seriously".
It was my first time with Exquisite thanks Vanessa for your great job and a special thanks to Sebelle for the wonderful person that you are, I had the time of my life with you and you'll be on my heart and mind as long as live.
Damage: 250$/hr
Service: 10
Repeat: YES
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