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Out-Call Serena @ Dreammakers

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Nov 14, 2009
It was Sunday evening and little Junior was horny, but I did not feel like driving Downtown, so I decided to try out Dreammakers for the first time for an outcall appointment. What attracted me to DM was the beautiful ladies that had recently joined their ranks that I have been dying to meet for an appointment. Spoke to Mike on the phone and he was very helpful. During our conversation, he spoke highly about one of the new girls named Serena and suggested her. I decided to go along with his recommendation.

At the appointment time, I buzzed her up to my apartment. Waited in anticipation for that knock on my door and I was not disappointed. "Wow, what I beauty!" Serena looked much better than her pics. She had such a pretty face with an amazing smile, a tight, sexy body with curves in the right places that her clothes complemented so nicely.

She greets me with a hug and kiss. I lead her into my living room and we sit on the couch chit chatting for a bit. My impression of her is a friendly, very outgoing, down-to-earth person, with a nice smile and a great sense of humour. In one of her previous reviews that I read, she was described as shy and reserved, but I did not find her to be that way. She seemed to be very relaxed, happy and glad to be enjoying my company.

As we are talking, we both lean over for that kiss. Wow, her lips felt so soft and sensual against mine. I was seeing stars! We make out for several minutes, as we grasp each other tightly. Before long clothes were flying everywhere and we were both completely naked. Our hands explored each others bodies as she pulls me tightly to her in a tight embrace while we are still making out. Her skin felt so soft against mine. Her boobs were so perfect that I pay attention to them, especially those nipples. I spent several minutes sucking on those, which immediately respond while Serena moans softly with pleasure. At that point, I whisper in her ear, "Do you want to go to the bedroom?" And she replied with enthusiasm.


DATY/Digits - It was grrrreeeeat and tasted so sweet! I spent some quality time down there enjoying it, with my tongue and finger working vigorously at the same time. Her soft moans became louder and louder, her body squirmed and her legs tightened around me as the O-train approached.

BBBJ - Serena had such great technique for someone so new to the biz. She had perfect suction, wet and slurpy, with some DT in there and that tongue ring did its magic. It felt sooo good that I did not want her to stop! Since she did not do CIM or facials, she finished me off with a HJ for my first SOG.

FS - I enjoyed it to its fullest, especially the visuals with that large mirror in my bedroom. She rode me very hard in CG at my request and we both got into it with lots of dirty talking. Then I pounded her hard in mish, doggie, and then mish again with her legs over my shoulders. While this was going on, the bed rocked violently, moving several inches while the pillows flew off. Serena was very vocal in expressing her enjoyment as our bodies moved together in perfect rhythm, our skins slapping hard against each other while our thrusts met at the right time. It felt so nice and tight. In between most of this we were constantly making out. It was one of my wildest romps in a while and we both had such a good time.

Before we knew it, the hour is up. We both get dressed, chatted for a bit more before we bid each other goodbye. Serena gives me another big hug and kiss as she leaves.

It was a great session that ended my weekend on the right note. Thanks Serena for making my day.

Face: 9/10 - Extremely pretty, great smile and sparkling hazel eyes that put you at ease.
Body: 9/10 - Tight, sexy body with curves in the right places, soft skin, one small tasteful tat, nice rack and perfect bum - a joy to watch in the mirror
Attitude/Service: 9/10 Tried very hard to please
Personality: 9/10 - Friendly, very outgoing, down-to-earth person, with a nice smile and a great sense of humour
Hygiene - 10/10 - Very clean and tasty
Would I repeat? Definitely
Re: Serena @ Dreammakers

All4one said:
truegentleman said:
Amazing review , I am going to see this beauty
Me too. :D
Thanks guys!
I hope you also have a great time with Serena. I found her to be very hot and sexy, but at the same time a very down-to-earth and fun loving type of girl. Definitely a keeper!

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