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Dec 5, 2009
So I've been on a long hiatus. A combination of Sudden Schedule from Hell, and my personnal life doing a re-enactment of Dante's book, kept me away from the fantasy scene that is Escort Land. But the siren's call kept getting stronger, and with the bevvy of new talent that's come in, I could resist no longer.

I am, after all, but a man.

So I call up DM, got Peter, who greeted me and said Serena was available. My answer was "I like Serena," and he agreed. So I finish off the dregs of my work, and truck my way down to the Bathurst/King area Peter told me I'd find the lovely Serena, and lovely she was!

Dressed in pale pink and white lingerie. Soft brown hair with highlights, large brown eyes that sparkled, and a very easy smile. She's not a spinner, but is slim with womanly curves that my eyes delighted in traveling over.

Conversation with her came naturally, I took care of business and then took a welcome shower after the week's end. I found Serena lying on her side, waiting for me, and we continued getting to know each other. I'm big on establishing a rapport so by the time our fingers entwined and she leaned in for a kiss, I was very comfortable.

Things then went from pleasantly friendly to hot, as our bodies entwined and our tongues danced. She straddled me while we continued kissing, grinding into me, as my hands roamed over her skin, stopping to deftly undo her bra (I still got it!), and freeing her breasts from confinement. I then flipped her under me, having one last taste of her lips before letting my mouth travel downwards. Pausing a little to pay attention to her breasts, I was eager to move onto dining, as I had no time to eat before the session. Peeling off her mesh panties, I slid my tongue over her folds, she tasted clean and delectable. I took my time savouring her, looking up to see which twist of the tongue, which purse of the lip gave her most pleasure, slowing down only after her climax.

She then took charge, taking me into her mouth, and alternating between teasingly licking the head and stroking my shaft. It drove me crazy!
Finally came the main event, with the cover slipped on, she straddled me and rode me in a way to make a Latin dancer proud. I felt snug and wonderful inside her, and we continued the kissing and roaming hands, my upward thrusts meeting her downward ones, till a lull allowed me to ask what was her favourite position. "Doggie," she replied.

Gentlemen, the sight of her backside ready to be taken, will not be easy to forget. As I picture it now, I yearn to be back there...pun intended. I enter her, my hands grasping those hips at the curve, and I pumped her, both of us grunting in pleasure, to our mutual climax.

Serena was a wonderful experience, a true Companion in every sense of the word. She has a few tattoos, but small and tasteful. Both tongue and bellybutton are pierced, so if you're not into that, it should be mentioned. She has the air of a college student, with a hint of seductive minx that made us click really well together, and I know a repeat session will only improve the experience.
Re: Serena from DM

Thanks for the welcome, guys! I figure my first post should be a review. I'm hoping to get to see at least one other new DM girl before the holidays, as well as repeat with Serena. As Toocooldude said, those nipples... :p
Re: Serena from DM

Excellent review, dreamblade. Glad you had a great time with Serena.

Your experience mirrors mine when I saw her early last month. She really does have a hot, tight, body. The highlight for me was her vocals during DATY and she has a way of moving her hips which really got me going during CG and doggie :) And she can dirty talk with the best of them, especially when taking a pounding. That really turned me on. She is a real gem and a sweetheart. Treat her well guys.

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