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Server Update Issue


The Dean

Hello All,

We needed to do some updating on our database today. Our server was down for few minutes.

We apologize for the short down time.

Thank you for your understanding.

I was sitting in this black hole, despondant..not knowing what to do with myself....'cept for whacking off in the corner, but I do that on a regular basis anyway...
Here i am :) Everyone was waiting for me to tell you guys what happened? :D

When you have some genius webhosting technician that doesnt understand what you are saying to him. Anyway, We have moved to our own dedicated server to have faster connections, more flexiblity on our own server. We were suppose to do this transfer tonight and we were going to notice our members about the transfer and downtime. But our genius hosting company technician decided to do the transfer this morning without any notice to me.

I apologize for the downtime without any notice. HUBGFE is back and running fully functional.

Pretty shitty down time. I guess it is mostly my fault for not taking down the information separately from PMs...but who does that (discretion right). Missed my appointment with the new legend Hailey, because I didn't have access to the site.

Couldn't find them on's not phone friendly.

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