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IN-Call Sexy Jordan - Amazing and Very Sexy!

Knight Rider

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Nov 14, 2009
Last night I had the pleasure of having an appointment with Sexy Jordan. I had seen her pics on her website, which were smoking hot and read several excellent reviews, so I took the plunge and scheduled an appointment with her over the phone. Booking was easy, she was available to see me on short notice on Christmas eve and I did not mind the drive to Brampton, as it was late and there was hardly any traffic.

Found her place very easily, was buzzed up, knocked on the door. It was opened and standing before me was a brunette with a very tight, athletic toned body and an amazing face like the actress Demi Moore in her younger days. She was wearing a fishnet blouse and sexy black panties and she just looked so hot that I was speechless. When I saw her, it reminded me of the words to that song, "Sexy Chick"

She greets me with a big hug and long kiss, and in my mind I am saying "Damn, I struck gold tonight." "I am going to have to start making the trip to Brampton more often." I take care of business and jump in the shower. When I get out, she is waiting for me in the bedroom. She pulls me over to her and we DFK for several minutes while our bodies are just grinding against each other. Jordan then undresses and I am just in awe of her body, perfect boobs, nice bum, flawless skin, 2 tats and one small piercing. I immediately pay attention to those boobs and she moaned softly while my tongue and fingers went to work on them


LFK/DFK - Jordan was one of the best kissers that I have come across and we DFK throughout the entire session.

BBBJ - She was a pro and had great technique, just the way I liked it. Nice and slurpy, up and down the shaft with perfect suction. It felt so good that I had to exercise restraint to avoid my 1st SOG.

DATY - It was unbelievable. She was perfectly clean and very tasty down there, just like honey. We went for 69 and we were both moaning with pleasure.

FS1 - It was out of this world! CG was amazing. She was nice and tight and rode me like have I never been ridden before, her boobs bouncing up and down. They looked like they needed attention, so I sucked on them. There was some dirty talking by both of us and I was in cloud 9. The sensation was just too much for little Junior to handle and I exploded like a water cannon for my 1st SOG

FS2 - Even better than the first. We went for doggie for an extended period of time and it was great with our skins slapping so hard against each other and our thrusts meeting at the right time, only interrupted by moans of pleasure coming from Jordan. Then we went for mish with lots of DFK, then CG once again, then RCG, which provided such great visuals of Jordan's perfect bum bouncing in front of me, then mish again, finally ending in CG. We were both sweating buckets at the end.

In between the sessions, I had a nice chat with Jordan about our travels, experiences, etc and found her to be a very friendly, outgoing, down-to-earth person with a great sense of humour. We cuddled and DFK for much of that time while she snuggled her soft warm body next to mine.

Time was up. so we got dressed, chatted for a bit more before we bid each other goodbye. She gives me another big hug and we DFK once more before I leave.

Thanks Jordan for giving me such a great time and starting my Christmas Day on the right note. You really made my day!

She is truely a gem who I would highly recommend. I would have absolutely no hesitation in seeing her again and again. She is an awesome lady, treat her well guys!!

Sexy Jordan

Face: 9/10 - Very pretty face, sparkeling eyes and one of the nicest smiles that I have seen.
Body: 9/10 - very tight, sexy, athletically toned body - nice boobs, awesome bum
Service: 10/10 - Classical GFE menu, very passionate, exceeded my expectations
Personality: 9/10 - Cute, sexy, fun-loving, very easy to talk to, great sense of humour
Hygiene: 10/10
Location: 9/10 (Very clean, easy to find, lots of supplies)
Damage: $200 ( 1 hour - I wished I had booked two)
Would I repeat: Definitely
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Re: Sexy Jordan - Amazing and Very Sexy!

Fricking awesome review KR, I am speechless :shock: She is in my TDL big time, I am going on a blitz starting next week and will fit her in sometime in the future.
Thanks for putting her on my radar ;)

Re: Sexy Jordan - Amazing and Very Sexy!

4Times said:
Thanks KR. She has been a must see for me for a long time. Its just the Brampton thing. If she ever hosted downtown I would be there. Thanks for more good info KR.
Sexy Jordan will be Downtown on Thursday. I am planning on making another appointment with her.
Re: Sexy Jordan - Amazing and Very Sexy!

Jordan is the total GFE experience..

Here's my review

Our timing wasn't good last week for my return trip but I will definitely be seeing her again.

This is her new site
Re: Sexy Jordan - Amazing and Very Sexy!

Now that's a great review KR. This girl sounds like the perfect combo of sweet and nasty.
Glad you had such a good time bro'
KR's review is spot on. Had a mind blowing session with jordan few weeks back. Pretty face, amazing ass, smooth skin etc. Her full lips, wet tongue worshipped every inch of my cock and balls. Highlight of the session was straddling over her face, slowing lowering my balls into her mouth while she was grabbing my ass, pulling me closer. Took my cock, grinding up and down her face, while she was still squeezing my ass. Her mouth open, I shoved my cock in her throat, fucking her face until I couldn't stand it any more, shot a huge load all over her chin, neck, tits etc. Repeat: hell yes!!
Her new boobs are really nice. I'm not a bolt on type of guy, but hers are nice and her nipples are still responsive. Still one of the best views from doggy I've ever had. :)
PokerDude said:
She's got new pics with her face on it. Going to call her tmr and see if I can see her :)

Another one, just read in another thread you do not go a week without seeing a SP. You are in a pace to surpass the Olympic and world record PD.

KR your 9/10 on most departments has put her on my TDL, thanks.
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