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This is in response to a post on another board regarding Jordan and one's less than diserable comment about her...

Jordan is a beautiful girl with a good attitude. Treat her well and you will be treated equally.

I had the pleasure of seeing her in Brampton a few weeks ago and as always, I was nervous seeing an SP for the first time, but the previous reviews on the other site have always helped and are consistant enough for an average Hobbyist like me, to take a dive.

Booking with her was fairly easy and a time was agreed upon. Jordan has a very sexy voice and an easy way about it. I was greeted at the door and was met by a (I think) fairly petite girl with straight black hair. She was wearing a pink bra and pink panties (one of those half cuts that expose just the right amount of cheek). When she turned to walk away from me, I couldn't take my eyes off of that butt

She asked if I wanted to clean up and I went in to the shower. Met Jordan back in the bedroom and she was still dressed; this is great for me, it shows me that she has an art of seduction and wants to be undressed rather than being naked and ready (subtle clock watching or a rush out the door in my opinion if this happens when you come back from sponging off).

We had some chit chat and we began with LFK then led to DFK, she commented how she liked the way I kissed her. Then the art of the undressing...mmm mmm good. Her skin is soft and smooth and she smelled great. A little teasing and I dove in for DATY. She tasted VERY good and presentation was neat and Jordan performed BBBJ and we switch to 69...both very nice, but I think because she is a tiny girl, I always seem to have trouble with 69 and being able to reach my target efficiently. I could tell that she was slightly uncomfortable so we threw the cover on and she was on me CG.

Teasing the tip and entering deep with a great rhythmn. Tight caresses always hit the right spot with me in CG. Switched to MISH, closed legged, on to her side and had a very powerful orgasm. I didn't get a chance to do doggy with that great ass of hers, but I will surely be repeating and not leaving that position to waste.

Some cuddling and talk which was very nice and personal.

Jordan is a lovely gal. The environment she created was candlelit, comfortable and sereen.

As with most things with me and hobbying, I look for the experience; yes, there is always the initial visual stimulation, but we all know that that "Hottie" can lead to a dead fish or complete psycho. The comments about acne scars is unfair in my opinion, I have some too and Jordan never blinked an eye.

No shill...just an honest opinion and experience.

Re: Sexy Jordan - Review

4Times said:
Iceman Great review. I have wanted to see Jordan for so long now. Is booking her easy to do? 4X

Call the number on her site and you will be speaking to the "Sexy" one herself. She is a great gal...can't say it enough :)
Re: Sexy Jordan - Review

Nice review Iceman, I seen Jordan in her Select days and I thought she was awesome. Moved like a stripper, and did some great posing back then.
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