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Shelby D. Luxx - Review


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Mar 27, 2010
So for the last little while I have been thinking about a certain provider who peaked my interest, and recently I decided to go check her out. I contacted Shelby D. Luxx recently via PM on PERB and was pleasantly surprised to get a friendly few responses before we had set a date and time to finally meet. I scoured the boards for reviews on this woman and didn’t find too many, so I started to wonder how my session would go. Soon enough I was showered and on my way to her incall location with the same semi-nervous feeling I always get in the pit of my stomach when seeing someone new for the first time. I enjoyed chatting to Shelby via PM before hand, getting to get to know each other a bit before meeting is always a nice thing, and I wasn’t worried at all about not enjoying myself.

I arrived at Shelby’s incall location a few minutes early and found street parking on a quiet side street adjacent to her building. I performed my pre-session ritual (Mouthwash, cologne and double counted donation of $350 for her PSE option) and then called Shelby to inform her that I had arrived. A bubbly and friendly voice replied, and soon I was watching a door open and then Shelby emerged and said “Hi BananaMan!” with a smile. I followed her through the entrance and up the stairs to her floor, and into her apartment. She closed the door as I turned to get a good look at Shelby. She has long blond hair that flows in straight lines down to below her shoulder blades, aftermarket DD’s that looked fun but were still hidden behind their lacy prison, a small waist and two long flowing legs that seemed to go on forever down to a pair of sexy black high heels with a cute bowtie on the open toe. My hands slipped around Shelby’s 30ish year old waist and hers followed suit around mine, and we embraced for a quick light kiss. Hands slowly travelling from her waist to her back up to her head the LFK slowly became DFK as we got more acquainted in her front hall. We broke apart and Shelby showed me the way to the romantically lit room down the hall, illuminated solely by a dark red lamp sitting on a vintage dresser beside a queen size bed in the corner of the room. Shelby’s cat came by to meet the BananaMan as well, and after a few quick hello pets Shelby whisked the cat away as she went to go retrieve both of us some refreshments. I took the opportunity to get more comfortable and started to disrobe, and as soon as I was clad only in my boxers Shelby returned with two glasses of white wine and passed one to me.

We toasted together for good times, glasses clinking in the dim rouge light dancing around the room, making eye contact as we raised the glasses and took a quick sip. I then sat down on the side of the bed and Shelby started to kneel in front of me, then pushed me down and lied on top of me in an assertively sexy way. Grabbing my hands she moved them away as our lips locked once again, and soon Shelby started to grind on my now interested Banana. She slid off me and I removed my last piece of clothing as Shelby started to rub her tits. I started to watch and she asked me if it was time to remove the bra. I said that I thought it might be a good idea and slowly her hands reached behind her back, undid the hooks, then seductively she lowered the red garment to reveal two prominent boobs that were just dying to be played with. Leaning forward she slid them in front of me and I grabbed one with my mouth and after a few seconds switched over to the other. Shelby continued her grinding as I was doing this and soon she came up to kiss once again, and then slowly slid her boobs all the way down past the famous Banana until she was looking right at it. “Wow, the Banana!” she exclaimed as I smiled and watched her take the end of it slowly into her mouth with a sexy smirk, then dove down and took most of it all the way inside! Up and down she went on the Banana with enthusiasm and a good BBBJ style. I placed a pillow underneath my head and I was able to watch over the activities and just laid back enjoying the good feeling. Occasionally a hand would slip up to meet the boys and with a light squeeze this was turning me on more than ever. Faster and faster she went until I started to feel that I was reaching the point of no return, so after informing her I was about to cum I shot a huge creamy load right into her small awaiting mouth. She slowed down but continued sucking away with sensual eye contact until she had drained the Banana of every last drop, then looked up, smiled, and went to go rinse it out in the bathroom as I just lied there in a half daze. As I was recovering Shelby returned with a warm cloth and cleaned me up, then passed me my glass of wine and we both had a few sips before lying down on the bed beside each other, legs and arms intertwined around the other.

We continued our chat about many different topics and I found Shelby to be very easy to talk with and she seemed to be enjoying our conversations. We talked, laughed, chatted and joked around for quite some time until she mentioned that she still had not taken a ride on the mighty Banana. Looking at her with a seductive glance I told her that I might be able to rectify the situation, and she readily agreed. We got up, finished our wine and Shelby slid down and started to work her magic on my Banana again, until I grabbed her ass and pulled her into a tasty 69 position with her on top. Licking and sucking away the ambient temperature of the room started to rise until she slid off and rolled over to grab a cover. “Grab my ass baby!” she squealed as I grabbed it and playfully spanked it once and then again until she came back, deepthroated me once more, then put the cover on and came up to kiss before slowly lowering herself onto the Banana with a bit of lube and a gasp. “Damn” I said as she started to rock her hips over mine, and soon she was bucking and bouncing all over the place with me matching pace and tempo. She has seemingly limitless energy and every time we switched positions she was raring to go with passion and a genuine love of sex. Both of us were certainly getting our workout for the day until I started to feel that unmistakable feeling once again and my hands shot to her hips, her seemingly sensing I was close, and we threw it into major overdrive for the grand finale as I blew and shot for the stars, all while glancing inside Shelby’s eyes. She kept pumping until I was spent, then slid down for a kiss and then got off me and removed the well used cover. Both of us fell down on the pillows for a few minutes and cuddled as we caught our breath and let the endorphins flow throughout our bodies. Both of us lying on our side facing each other we exchanged soft and sexy glances only interrupted by quick light kisses for a few minutes until she got up and went to get me another warm cloth to clean me up. We resumed our conversation for a bit until we started to get a bit cold so we then got up and started to get dressed. After saying our goodbyes in the bedroom and also in her front hall I exited Shelby’s apartment and walked to my truck, started the engine, and took off on my way home with a smile on my face.

Repeat: Yes.
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Rate Information: $350 for the hour, she was having a $350/hr PSE special at the time.
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