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IN-Call Sidney @ RM my new favorite babe.




So hop into the room hoping she would be OK looking so Demien can pay for my session and DAMN the babe is truly beautiful, gorgeous blue eyes, stunning smile and just a pleasure to look at. Her body is toned but not spinner type. She is also a sweet bubbly person to be with, always smiling. Easy to talk to with a pleasant wonderful personality. Has noticeable tats, small clit and boob rings. Overall she is super attractive a head turner for sure if you see her walking down the sidewalk.

Get undressed offered me a drink I decline on my way to the washroom she squeezes my ass and tells me to hurry. 15 seconds later jump to the room chit chat then start DFK for a few minutes while holding JR in the process. Like Olayda I have a routine and die by it, so digits while DFKing and this babe LOVES digits. Off to 69 me on top while she gulps JR Daty action with more digits, play with her clit and more digits ( Did I mention digits yet :eek: ). Now drowning from her love juice have to take a towel to dry up. BTW when you see her make sure you bring a comb or/and hair gell she hangs on to your hair during the big O.

Exhausted from all this action I then lie down and she begins an excellent BBBJ just short of DT with heavy eye contact and drool drops from my mouth this babe is so hot. Told her I am ready for the sock and discuss menu (I usually ask before but to stunned from her beauty I forgot). She is into almost anything ask her CIM, she says hell YES ask her if she does Gomes (Greek) and says sometimes very YMMV I then look at her with a boyish look and says she likes me and will do so, DAMN I am good.

Mish with different leg movement and takes it all while DFK, move her to the side for deeper penetration, then doggie and cow girl to finish her off. Lube goes on for the anal action in Mish position then finish off on her four legs. What a wonderful time I had.

This is how nice she is... on my way out I gave her $50 extra for Greek she said it was not necessary as she feel bad for the agency. WTF :?: I said to myself, told her owners are cool with it. What ever extra you do is yours to keep. She is a very caring lady as well with a great heart.

Repeat= A MUST
....I ask her if she does Gomes....

:lol::lol:......You're getting pretty hilarious in your old age buddy.

That was a sweet review, nice job. So tempting,but I don't know if I have any room on my TDL

btw..the puppy dog eyes work every time. Practice in the mirror lads ( I'm sure BT does )
Good on ya' BT123 - glad you had a great time with bella Sydney!

(man I wish I had hair so a woman like Sydney could go for a DATY-induced swing like she did with BT :cry: )
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