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IN-Call Simone Loren Review


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Dec 8, 2009
From Sept'09

I finally got a chance to visit the infamous Simone Loren. My curiosity got the better of me as she doesn't have many recent 1-on-1 reviews. I don't normally like to take chances with sparsely reviewed ladies, but have to say I am glad I took the chance. Booking was easy through the GIP site and incall located in nice hotel in Markham.

As for looks, she is curvy in all the right places coupled with long dark curly hair and the softest of skin makes her ooze sexuality. No she is not a 80 lb stick figure (no offense if anyone else resembles this). Facially, she is stunning as was mentioned in a Prettiest Face Thread.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I got the encounter I asked for. I went for something totally different for me as was my mood. I wanted her to lead the way in a sensual way with lots of teasing to the extreme along the way. Maybe because we clicked, it was more of the feeling of a true GFE. Many others offer GFE but somehow it doesn't always feel like it. Of course my plan was derailed part way through as I just had to turn the table and make sure she was pleasured as well which was well received. Having this much fun makes time just get away from you, but she is not a clock watcher.

After much conversation, I found out that she is flexible in her approach to a session. Next time I will take a more dominant role and make it a totally different experience. Either way she's not the mechanical type as she truly enjoys what she does and it shows by wanting to make it a positive experience for both of us.

If your looking for negatives, sorry I just couldn't come up with any as this was the best session I have had in a while.

Problem I have now is do I try 1-on-1, duo, trio, pink party. How is one to decide. I'm sure Simone can help take my duo virginity.

You already guessed I will repeat.
GDL you bring the best of SP you have reviewed. You are so straight forward on what you say I like that, can you expand if she into DFK, daty and digits please.
DrAnus said:
GDL you bring the best of SP you have reviewed. You are so straight forward on what you say I like that, can you expand if she into DFK, daty and digits please.

Simone doesn't really mention a menu on her adverts so are these normal things for her I don't know. I did each with her a little as she is open minded. She really is a sweatheart with such a beautiful face.
Albino said:
Thanks GD saw her shower picture and got a stiff you say she is curvy but looks like she has a great figure. What was the damage and how long you stayed.

Simone does have a great figure in a curvy way and all so sexy. I stayed for 1 hr and I believe her current rate is $300 for 1 hr but discounts for more time $400 for 90 min and $500 for 2 hrs.
jagger said:
Mate you like your independent ladies, I can relate they do not watch the clock as agency SP do. Nice review dude.

Your right I do prefer indy's more, I don't go in expecting more time but I really like dealing with the lady herself in setting up an appointment, it gives me a feeling that there is a better chance of making a connection.
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