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IN-Call Sofia @ Mirage: What a Lover


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Nov 10, 2009
The last few reviews I read on Sofia convinced me to make her a priority and last Friday I was able to book an hour with her. Sofia is an attractive girl from mixed Meditaranean background but that's really just the tip of the iceberg when describing her. Yes she has a very fit and toned body and her man mades are very well done. And she has soft brown eyes and a really nice smile that radiates the warmth of her personality. But what is hard to know about her just by her looks is how scorching hot and dirty she can be in bed! I have never spicifically requested cumplay and dirty talk before but after seeing her I think this is something I can get used to :D . This woman LOVES SEX and everything about it. The quotes below that still ring clear as a bell in my mind could pretty much take you through the hour and what made them enhance the session so much was that they really seemed genuine and not artificial and this is something Sofia is truely amazing at:

We start with passionate deep DFK and she says:

"I love you lips their so soft..." exactly what I was thinking of hers.

She then moves down and starts some awesome BBBJ and DT...I say top notch skills here. She went all the way down and then started tongueing the balls while she was there - freakin' unreal! The she starts just grinding down with DT fast and hard and stops to say:

"I just love sucking your cock..."

It was so good and I had to switch things up or else I was going to blow. Went down for DATY and her kitty is smooth and clean shaven and so much fun to play with. She has some nice labia that I enjoyed sucking on and then used DIGITS to really get her moist and hot. The she goes back to BBBJ and massages my balls at the same time with her nipples, very nice! Time for the main event and we do doggie. This is when she turns the dirty talk up even more.

"I Love it when you're fucking me like that..."

"ahh yes ...fuck that pussy!"

This got me so turned on and we went at it for maybe 10 minutes sometimes slow and then finishing at a fast pace. It was too good and I had my first SOG which was very intense.

Sofia is a real grounded down-to-earth sweetie. Talking about our outlook on life and our travels reveals her to be someone who relishes simple pleasures and we really connected in this way. Before I was even ready to start again she looks at Junior and moves down again with a deeply erotic look in her eyes while she is sucking on junior, got me hard and hot way faster than usual. She gets it all wet ans uses lots of saliva and it's pure oral porno fantasies...then she says with a really deeply heartfelt look in her eyes:

"I want you to cum in my mouth sweetie..."

I say like a geek: "uh, really?"

Sofia says: "oohhhh yesss...I want to taste it."

That took me from 30 - 120mph in no time and suddenley I am this close to bursting....I also wanted to do more positions ...but I say fuck it let it happen. She is DT'ing me while I enjoy the mirror view and then it just is too much. I shoot everything I have in to her warm mouth and then she does something that just makde my week. She let's some of my juice spill back down but then releases more of it right back down on my junior's head and created a thick and gooey string from jr. to her mouth. Then she goes back down and plays with the juice and pretty much cleans me up with more BBBJ. I was like a kid in Disney land watching all of this, what a freakin finish!

She says: "You come tastes really sweet!"

And I'm like: "Must be all the 5 Alive I've had lately...!" Good plug for them...LOL

Went to rinse off and wished her well as she away on vacation for another 3 weeks. She says "come and see me as soon as I get back, I'll be so tanned and dark." I am like "Hell yeah!" I wished her well and got on my way. Overall she is an attractive lady with a great body and TOP NOTCH personality, attitude and service, she will leave you drained and satisfied. Thanks Sofia and have an awesome time down South, I will see you again soon!
Re: Sofia @ Mirage: What a Lover

Wow what an experience you had with Sofia. Dude reading all your reviews this one has to top them all, she in your top 5 best sessions?.
Re: Sofia @ Mirage: What a Lover

Iambad said:
Excellent review Heatways, her boobs look hard man mades. Did you feel you were touching Rocks or soft feel to it.

They were hard but not rock hard....Nice and big...I am much more of a face and body guy though
Re: Sofia @ Mirage: What a Lover

clintE said:
Wow what an experience you had with Sofia. Dude reading all your reviews this one has to top them all, she in your top 5 best sessions?.

Not sure about top 5 but beleive me this does not change how good Sofia is ...WELL WORTH THE VISIT. I have been spoiled but Sofia is definitley in the repeat category for me.
Re: Sofia @ Mirage: What a Lover

HW, Sofia gave me one of best experiences EVER!! She loves her job and it shows. I cant wait to see her again. BTW, EXCELLENT review.
Re: Sofia @ Mirage: What a Lover

Holy crap - what a fantastic review HW ( a little lengthy don't ya think? can ignore me)

She's either sex on wheels or you got great mileage. Nice job bro'
Re: Sofia @ Mirage: What a Lover

Damn Heatwaves! What an awesome review! You definitely had such a hot steamy time with Sofia and reading your review makes me want to see her right now.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

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