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IN-Call Soleil @ DreamMakers



I saw Soleil of Dreammmakers a little while ago. I commented in another board, but did not put up my own review. I can't in good conscience recommend this girl to others unless she makes major changes to her menu. This is regrettable, because she is quite attractive, young and tall with magnificent breasts.

As others mentioned, she opened the door in a towel. The incall location itself was conveniently located downtown, a bit outside the core but accessible by transit so I didn't have to worry about parking. I will say this - there was no danger of running out of towels (I think DM's entire supply was there!)

Rather than a chronological account of the appointment, I'll try to describe my impressions. Soleil was warm, friendly and remarkably attractive. She's a really nice girl, which I thought was going to translate into a hot, exciting time. The phone girl had assured me that Soleil was "fucking hot" (True) and a PSE (Not so True).

Soleil was not interested in DFK (and yes, I used the Listerine), nor in DATY. Her BBBJ was OK (not like the BBBJ DT queens we love, but perfectly reasonable.) Normally after the BBBJ I like to get in some good solid DATY (1000 licks does the trick!), but she was clearly not into it. She explained that she prefers to 'be a giver.' We started in mish, and I have to say, that was pretty damn good. I finished off my SOG, showered up, and left.

Soleil told me that she used to be a dancer, and I wonder if that informs how she approaches her work as an SP. It's as if she has internalized some boundaries and limitations as a dancer. I don't know.

So basically, Soleil has the look and the great body, but lacks in the service dept for now. She is young, and does seem to be a genuinely fun and out going girl who wants to please, so I I imagine we'll see lots of improvement. If she figures it out, she'll be great.

Face 8
Body 8
Service 6.5
Hangman I can see many future positives out of your time with her. But you are right we are spoiled and we should be warned and get a lesser fee charged for newcomers.
Thank you very much Hangman, you have confirmed my decision to take her off my list. I had almost booked her several weeks ago but she wasn't available, thank you! I would have probably walked out with no daty. It's a shame that DM doesn't adjust it's advertising on this lady. The pics are smoking but without proper service that means nothing.
Thanks for your review hangman. It was classy and well balanced. You did say that she aims to please and with lots of improvement, she'll be great, so I may still see her, but I will give her a couple of months to get more experience and figure things out.
What a shame but thank you Hangman for an unbiased and honest report. You're right, hopefull she'll get better and put the SC limitations away as she is now in a service that requires her to stretch those boundaries a bit to become successful. DM seems to be able to pull these girls in and give them the proper guidance to do so, hopefully they'll read this review and call her in to the office and have a chat and or at least find out what her limitations really are and advertise as such.
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