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Speed traps


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Feb 13, 2010
I am a salesman and travel a fair amount of the day. Here is something to contribute to HUBGFE.
Will advice to never go over 16 k on any highway or 14 k on any street. Side streets with school zones stay within 6 k of limit. The points you lose will hurt your pockets with the insurance hike.

Streets and Highways to slow down.

Cops with radars
Allen Road North and Southbound between Lawrence and eglinton underneath bridge after you turn the curve.
401 East and West: Always behind bridges or by the ramp side. Winston Churchill, Islington, Avenue Road, Markham road.
404 just about ever other long curve
400 Never speed the most populated cop/radar in the Country.

Hope this helps, if another member has others please feel free to add.
4Times said:
My ex-wife ran away on me with a cop. So when I have a cop follow me with his lights flashing it bugs me even more to pull over. One time I made the cop follow me for a bit before pulling over and the officer asked me why I didn't stop right away. I told him my wife ran away with a cop and I thought that it might be him trying to bring the bitch back. :lol:

That's a good one, although sometimes in delaying the pull by the side routine can really irritate the cop.

Some radar hotspots:

Along Wilson, just east of Keele st. cop always hides near the cemetery.
Steeles just west of Pinevally, cop alway on the south side.
Islington just north of 401, both sides.
Rutherford just east of hwy 27 on the south side
Dufferin south of Eglinton near fairbank park
Bathurst driving Southbound between Eglinton to St. Clair. It is a cash grab for the cops as you are driving downhill and they wait for you just when it levels out.

Avenue road East or west to Lawrence just before the school drop off.

Both, between 3 and 5 pm the worst.
I'm making a list of all these locations and keeping it in my car. Keep them coming, very useful information! I can't think of any different ones at the moment.
Bottom of Browns Line, just before the overpass. At least 6 times a month.
Dundas, just east of Islington, very often.
Renforth, just south of Eglinton. As you come down the hill the cop will be parked on a side street with a remote laser. Often there will be 3 or more officers to handle the number of speeders they catch.
Carlingview drive, just south of Arizona's.
Rathburn, west of The West Mall, the cops like to park in one of the church driveways.
The Bloor Street Viaduct, just before Greektown, where it turns into the Danforth.

In the other direction, Bloor Street heading west right after you get off the Viaduct, just before the Bayview Ramp.

In Etobicoke, Burnanthorope heading west, just after you cross Kipling Avenue.

Brampton, the 410 North at the underpass before Derry Road exit and the underpass just before Steeles Avenue, there is usually a cop waiting there in the early evening.
It's illegal in Ontario to have and use any kind of radar detecting device. If caught, it will be impounded regardless of it's installation.
I knew a guy who had one hardwired and hidden in the dash of his BMW. The OPP ripped it out and left a hell of a mess.
If your iPhone had that app and you were caught, theoretically, they can confiscate it.
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