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Dec 8, 2009

Why SWEET SWEET= sweet girl and sweet tasting!!
I had the opportunity to make a visit at Roommates with a couple of my Goodfellas, One saw Cameron, another Reya. I was lucky enough to have the beautiful Keana . Here is blow by blow review.. sorry if little long excuse me...but i get excited thinking about it and can't stop when reviewing.

First I'll describe her to you.
This girl is not your typical Asian, First of all she has a very round Ass, she has a beautiful dark Complexion like Luana and Tanya, and she has the most beautiful lips I've kissed in a long time.. imagine Angelina Jolie's lips and that's what i am talking about.

She looks very young.. definitely College 19 yr old type and has that type of personality. very bubbly and very sweet, nice perky boobs with nice dark nipples.

okay on with session.
She greeted me at door in bra and panties and gave me a big hug and soft kiss on the lips.. i was frozen form the cold last night so it was great to be greeted with such a warm welcome.

She brought me to a big room with a huge mirror almost the length of the wall and perfectly positioned to view the upcoming events.
We chit-chatted for a minute or so and off i went to the shower.
I returned to find her laying on the bed with a big smile on her face.. boy did she ever look delicious! All i could think about licking that babe from head to toe.

She went right to action and removed my towel and began LFK.. I didn't want this to move too fast since i booked an hour, so i decided to slow the pace and put her on her back and being the gentleman that i am i asked if anything particular she like?

She said let's go with the flow.. perfect. I began a nice light tongue bath starting at her neck and moved passionately down to her bra. I exposed a beautiful set of dark perky nipples.. just great for sucking on!

She was very responsive with light moaning, i removed her bra and continued down her to her panties, I kissed around her thighs and pulled aside her panties to reveal a beautiful smooth clean shaven warm pussy with a great set of lips. I put both my hands underneath cheeks so i could raise her pussy to my mouth and went to town.. like i said in the beginning very sweet tasting!!

Within a few minutes the "Leo the Lion" in my came out and i had to eat her from behind, i asked her to get on all fours and she positioned herself and raised ass up in the air and exposed the most beautiful pussy! With her round ass and the way the pussy hung with the lips swollen were a site to see, you know the kind you jerk off to in the porn movies or magazines.

I began to eat her from behind and it seamed to last for hours, i just couldn't get enough! she moaned more and more and began to shake which just drove me nuts. She turned to me after a while and said let me take care of you now.

I only stopped cause i could barely move my neck after being in that position for soo long. lol So she grabbed my hand and led me to lie down beside her.

She began to tease me around my cock head and balls with little kisses and then took me in her mouth BBBJ. She has an amazing tongue work, around the head that was unbelievable.. i had some great BBBJ's but she is one of the top ones for sure. I don't usually cum that fast but her eye contact and those big lips going up and down on my cock with no hands and using a twirling of her tongue was making it uncontrollable for me.

I told her that i was going to cum ( out of respect i always warn them, then let them decide)and she continued to the last second and pulled out of her mouth and couple of strokes with her hand and i blew a huge load.

I really love CIM but had read somewhere that she doesn't do that. so i thought i would ask and she said she doesn't do CIM of COF, but i have to be honest it was good the way she did it also.
I couldn't move my explosion was soo intense, she smiled and went to bathroom and came back with a warm towel and cleaned me up.. wow that was a nice touch!

She asked if i wanted a massage, but i declined since i wanted her to lie with me and just enjoy her beauty. We talked for about 10 minutes, she doesn't work too often, is in school and like me loves Vegas and Montreal and UFC fights.

She slowly moved on top of me and asked if i was ready for round two .. "Hell yea". i replied so she said what do i like.. "well honey.. mount my face let's 69".. I love her pussy and she got me Rock hard with her moaning and quivering.. she loves to be eaten boys!

After a bit of 69, she covered me up and got on top in CG , she tried to slide on once but her pussy was super tight.. she reached for some more lube and tried again.. it was beautiful watching slowly lowering her pussy over my raging heart on. She was great on top, up and down, then i grasped her hips and had her ride me like on a horse, she then turned to reverse cowgirl and again what a view if you like to see pussy lips gripping your cock.

I was dying for Doggy so i asked her to change positions .
I stood at bed and she went into doggy position on the bed, we positioned ourselves so we had a side view of the action in the big Mirror.

Keana said she loved watching me fuck her in the mirror.. which really turned me on too. I entered her doggy and was almost scarred of hurting her so i went slow but after a few minutes she started pounding back on my cock.. she was moaning louder and told me to pound her her harder , so between her pounding back on my cock and me pounding her.. it was porno action baby!! Yes!!

It was my 2SOG and i don't cum that quick so we banged for a good 15 minutes straight( and i like i said in my previous reviews i train at gym fight to fuck) till i heard her moans louder and louder which instantly made me blow my load inside her. Wow what a session.

I loved her. She is very fit and can be pretty wild if she lets loose. so overall if you like a Hawaiian looking type of young princess that can make some dreams cum true.. you will enjoy Keana.
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