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Sydney In Saskatoon Sask.


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Nov 14, 2009
Well thought I would make a short note regarding this wonderful provider. I did some research as to who would be a good fit for a "Couples" session. While her website states she doesn't offer this service I found her to be receptive to our needs.

Several of you guys offered up idea's as to who would be worthy of a visit from the local ladies. I found all of the pm'd reports to be accurate. We could not have asked for a better fit for our first couples session.

Contact was through email and then phone. The meeting was for 2 hrs. and we did end up going over by a bit. She was wonderful, had wine and music. Ran us a bath, and the intimate stuff was without a doubt some of the hottest I have encountered in some time....

I realize this is not in my usual reviewing style but I am not used to reviewing a couples session.

I would recommend any couples out there looking for a very open minded provider to go see Sydney. You won't be disappointed.


Cost: 460.00/2hrs. Fully interactive.

Repeat: I think so if we are still in the area.....
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