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Dec 8, 2009
Decided to go downtown with the boys again, even though I saw my regular the afternoon before. Had she been there, I would not have hesitated to see her again. Having been with most of the girls at Roommates, there were two girls working that I never been with; Tonya and Symonne. Both came highly recommended by my friends. I booked Tonya, but as faith would have it, I was informed that afternoon I was seeing Symonne. Arrived on time, called up and was given the green light to enter the building. So then starts the adventure.

I entered the room, to find Symonne had just come out of the shower. She smiled and lead me to the room of passion. With one look at her lovely face, my mind froze. Her smile was so inviting, I approached her with a light kiss on the lips. In a moment, we found ourselves kissing like teenagers. Anxious to start the session, she requested that I take and shower, which is always mandatory for me. I was so excited that I realized on the way to the shower that I forgot to place my donation on the night table. I stopped to fumble through my pockets, when Symonne stated not to worry about it now.

I returned to the room, to find Symonne standing at the corner of the bed, in front of the mirror, dressed in a bra and panty. I approached her with caution, as my heart was ponding like a bongo drum. As soon as I embraced her, my mind went into a state of euphoria. Symmone, sensing my condition, invited me to accompany her onto the bed. After a few minutes of tender kissing her all over and teasing those perky nipples, I could not resist, and slowly, lightly kissed my way down to her shaved pussy. I gently opened her legs, spread eagle style, and started licking that tasty pussy, and licking, and licking and licking. With a little assistance from Symonne, the big O happened, and was it sweet. The vocals coming from Symonne where like symphony to my ears. I lifted my head to see her sweet smile, and saw in her eyes that it was my turn now.

Then Symonne started to work her magic. She proceeded with a good bbbj, and before the moment of no return approached, I requested she put on a condom. Without hesitation, she covered me up and climbed on top. Oh, what pleasure that was, to see her pretty face as she rode me, then she asked it I wanted to try something else. Agreeing, she turned around and began giving a me reserve cow girl. We later switched back to oral until my knees starting shaking while she finished me off by hand. We kissed some more, chatting a bit, drank some water, and was offered a shower again. Symonne walked me to the door, we hugged and sadly I left.

Funny thing was, I immediately phoned my friend who recommended I see Symonne, and he informed me that he was just with her. We laughed how she happen to make both our day.
Re: Symonne - enjoyment guaranteed

What a lu2wk.. that's a great review!! i can see how much you love eating pussy and how much the women enjoy you eating it!!
Symonne sounds like another Roommates star in the making!! how many hours till our next visit?? i think about 52hrs lol
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