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Barrie-Northern Taylor from Naughty Hotties


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Nov 27, 2009
Tonight I had my 10th session with my passion of this moment TAYLOR.
This chick has toys, a strap-on (I wasn't into that until she told me she'd do her friend and I could watch -for a fee of course - something for the near future) She also squirts.

No One has a tighter body in barrie, she kisses but anything more is covered.....she does everything more except greek. She is beautiful and does body modelling for publications. She is too petite to be a regular model. She is the most consistent and impressive girl I've met in Barrie since Kristy -5 years ago.

face -10
Body -10+
Attiude-9+ bb anything.
Opinions differ I guess. I've seen Taylor, IMO, she's strictly a 2nd tier SP. Friendly girl with a pleasant disposition, but sexually, strictly pedestrian. Although she'll follow through with some requests (different positions etc), she makes it feel forced and laboured. Repeat? NO Recommend? NO

face: 9 (soft, delicate features)
body: 6 (emaciated look - no tits, hips or ass)
service: 6 (light kissing, digits, mpos - no dfk, bbbj, bls etc)
attitude: 9 (friendly, bubbly)

overall: 6
I've seen Taylor 3 times so far through Hotties and I know that I will continue to do so because she has the rare combination of hot bod, pretty face, and good personality. I found her to be friendly and confident, and she never made me feel rushed. She always wears hot sexy outfits that compliment her body and she gives a great striptease!
4Times said:
Quite a differance of opinion on Taylor. Need some more reviews on her. Thanks for bringing her to our attention Kevin. Would like to see more of the Barrie babes reviewed here. I think we should get The Dean to rent us a bus and do a HUBGFE field trip to the Barrie agencies and indis.

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round, the wheels on the bus go round and round, all the way to SP-Town....
I saw her last summer, and agree; she has a smoking body (I dig skinny chicks), and a great personality. Sexually she's ok, but the deal breaker for me is CBJ; I'm a BBBJ kinda guy. If she did that, I'd definitely repeat.
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