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Barrie-Northern thanks they were nice buns


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Jan 4, 2010
Read a few reviews in the past about Phoenix in barrie and got intrigued. Was really worth the trip. 120 got me a full gfe and her kissing was great. thanks for the tip nick!! her place was clean and she was very passionate with me. I went mostly because i am an ass man and she did have one fine tight little ass. worth the trip and i'll be back Phoenix . thanks again. Great oral experience too.
Re: thanks they were nice buns

i have been tempted to call last couple times i have been in barrie, but don't need the bs of her calling me after we are done.... when i wanna go back i'll call
Re: thanks they were nice buns

I can only think of two reasons a SP would call you. One, that you are so well hung and great at the horizontal slam dance she just can't get enough of you. OR Two, you made an appointment then did not show up. If that is the case then shame on you. ;)
Re: thanks they were nice buns

Seemed to me she had no clients at that point and needed some money so she hounded me to have another session. I'm not the only one she's done this to.
Re: thanks they were nice buns

The pics of her are intriguing. Everyone has their day; when starting out, it's good when an SP can offer a "competitive" donation and when her experience grows, she can charge more and provide the service we are all looking for.

Sounds like she now has a good client base; may be worth a visit when I'm up there next.
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