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IN-Call The following took place between April 15-May 15 (Old revs)


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Dec 19, 2009
Noticed that a lot of girls are still working so here goes. I've updated the links as well.

This might be a little long so you might want to pour yourself a hard drink before reading.

After a relatively quiet winter, I was ready to explode. Maybe it was a combination of the nicer weather, my meagre investments growing into mediocre investments or most likely looking at all the young hotties walking around in shorts and jogging in tight yoga pants.

The following is in no particular order, probably in order of me pulling up links to the ladies. I won't go into numerical ratings on looks, service, etc. I will just tell you all how my experience was in my point of view. Saw all ladies for one hour unless otherwise noted.

Sabiha from Sassy Angels

I've missed her since she was with Exquisite but jumped at my chance to see her again at Sassy. Real cute friendly girl next door type. Didn't wear much makeup which I really like sometimes. Opted for the GFE package as I totally forgot about the PSE add on with Sassy. Looks like her pics. Excellent BBBJ, some LK and very responsive DATY. She gave me some guidance to what she liked and boy did she like it. I can tell when a girl isn't into my moves when she pulls my head up or says,"it's my turn" after a couple of minutes. I didn't (couldn't) stop til she was satisfied.

Some more BBBJ and off to the main event. Mish, CG, and a Doggie finish. Not much time left on the clock for a second shot so we just chatted a little before I headed for the showers. Will I repeat? Sure hope so.

Mia at Sassy Angels

She is a legend in Toronto. This is my second time seeing her. The first was a half hour quickie about two years ago. If I remember right it was supposed to be an hour but some how it got cut short to a half. Don't remember if it was my fault or not. I do remember that I was in and out in 22 minutes with two showers. Left a bad taste in my mouth but I have a very short memory and have been to Sassy quite a few times over the years.

Flash forward to the present. I opted for the PSE experience and what a PSE experience it was. She greeted me and looked great. Even better than I remember. Left the tribute and took a shower. When I got out, she was on me like an attack dog hungry for meat. Some DFK right off the bat. BBBJ turned into 69. Held on for as long as I could but I knew I was fighting a losing battle. We chatted for a bit while I was recharging Mr. Happy.

Round 2 started with BBBJ again. On went the rubber and off to the races we go. Start in Mish, CG, RCG, Doggie and finish in Mish. Whew. Starting to sweat just thinking about it.

Overall a great experience but something was a little off for me. Was it the chemistry? Did I sub-consciously harbour some bad feelings from our previous encounter? Not sure but she delivered the goods this time.

Will I repeat? Most likely but not right away.

Sara at Oasis

Been meaning to see her for a long time. Just a half hour quickie this time. Sara is super fit. Lean and tone body. CBJ for a bit then off to the races. Multiple positions but my fav was holding onto the sides of her waist in CG. I still wonder what her body fat percentage is. Good overall safe GFE.

Will I repeat? We'll see...

Daphne at Mirage VIP

What can I say that hasn't already been said about this babe? No pics up at the moment but she is absolutely gorgeous. Think this was the sixth or seventh time I've seen her with both 4Play and Mirage. When I have a bad day at work, I think of her and all is good again. If she worked nights or weekends I'd have some serious financial problems lol.

Will I repeat? Hell yeah. In fact I have put in a "Daphne" rule. I can only see her once I see 3 new SPs. This way I get to knock off some of my TDL and see some fresh faces.

Chantelle at Mirage

My jaw dropped when I first saw her pics last week. First thing on my mind was, "I gotta see her". Well I did and wow. First off she has that sexy French Canadian look that I just love. As stated before her english is really limited and my french doesn't cut the moutarde. I think she appreciated the effort on my part but it might of backfired when she started responding in French and I could only shake my head.

Well sex is the universal language and she is fluent in that. Chantelle has really soft luscious lips. LK turned into DFK. I didn't want to stop kissing her but then again I didn't want her to stop BBBJing me either. Her technique was wise beyond her years. Read the other reviews before seeing her but wanted to see her with an open mind, but this is one point I really have to agree with. Shot #1 goes off quicker than I expected. We lie in bed smiling at each other for a bit.

I decide to go for some DATY while I summon up the strength for a second bullet. She tasted really sweet. More of a tangy sweet to be precise. Quite responsive and I loved her hands on my head while I was down there.

To the main event...when I first went in my thoughts were,"OMFG" Had to chill a bit as I was getting too excited. All my standard favourites plus a few more. Mish, CG, doggie were great and her luscious breasts bouncing in CG. Damn.

Will I repeat? For sure.

Asian Incall near Scarborough Town Centre.
No link.

I'm out with a buddy of mine having a couple of beers and he insists that I check out this place with him. Upon his insistence with the help of the booze I find myself in a dimmly lit 2 bedroom apartment. He says there is usually 4-5 girls that work there on the weekends. It's a weeknight and only 3 girls working. An older asian lady greets us at the door.

My gut is telling me that this is not going to go well. First off I make it a rule to only see indy or agency Asians and this place is why. I put it at 80% to 90% that these girls were not working there on their own free will. This is part of the industry that I don't want to be a part of. I know it exists but I don't want to support it.

My buddy asks me to choose from the two girls availible as one was already with a client. I tell him to go ahead as he showed me the place. He takes the hotter one and I sit on the sofa with the other girl. She is nice enough and brings me tea. My guess is she's early to mid 30's. Pleasent looking enough with a bit of a tummy. I got nowhere to go anyways and the other room is occupied so I'm safe for now.

Boss lady says wait for the other girl to come out before I choose as if it was a given. I'm thinking that I need to take a pass and sit this one out. Pleasent girl starts rubbing my neck and asking if I like her. I don't know what to say so I say "Yeah".

Last girl comes out after the client leaves and sits down beside me. She's okay looking but the no shower thing is setting off alarm bells. Boss Lady asks me which one do I like. Tried to weasel out by saying I'm just keeping my buddy company, yada yada. We settle on a massage/handjob. Rushed home to take a shower right after. I still feel dirty.

last one before I go to bed but I'll have a couple more for tomorrow.

Candy at Mirage/Erotixxx

Been on my TDL for awhile. Why did I wait so long? Super cute and petite. After my shower, we didn't waste any time. Started DFKing almost from the get go. BBBJ for a good while before I explode. Wish I had her slurping noises on my ipod. She asked if I wanted a massage and a gratefully accepted. Candy has surprisingly good massage technique. We chat a bit and I'm ready to go again. Enjoyed a round trip of positions and I finish shot two in the nick of time.

Will I repeat? Thinking of calling her tomorrow

Well that's it for now. Got a personal goal of seeing at least one (*ahem*) new lady a week for the rest of the summer in addition to my favorites.

To summerize:

Town Centre Incall=busted straight

Sara at Oasis=Solid two pair

Sabiha at Sassy=Three of a kind with a chance at a full house

Mia at Sassy=A flush that I'm not sure if it's a winning hand for me or not.

Candy and Chantelle=A full house

Daphne is a Straight Flush for me.

To be continued...
Re: The following took place between April 15-May 15 (Old revs)

I've decided to continue on this thread instead of making a 2nd one. Keeps things in one place as this is my 30 day adventure.

Now for the second part...

Luana at Roommates

I called RM and asked to see who was available in my time frame. It was Luana or two newer girls. Clock was ticking and I had to make a choice fast. I took Luana for the half hour, should have went for the full hour but I had other things to do.

First off this girl is really pretty. Something about her smile that I really like. LK slowly progressed to almost DFK but stopped just short. I layed on the bed and watched her head bob up and down my Johnson, "does it get any better than this?" And it did. Skipped out on DATY and went in for the main event.

Start in CG and went on to Doggie. That was it for me. Couldn't hold back watching her cute butt wiggle while I slapped it from behind.

Will I repeat? I'll save Luana for a rainy day when my other plans at RM fall through.

Tyler at Roommates

So I might have missed my chance with Billie so that left Cory and Tyler as two girls at RM that I really have to see. Tyler was free in my desired time frame (mind you I did call early this time). Wow she is a looker. First thing I noticed was her big beautiful eyes. She had on light makeup and you could tell she'd look great without any also.

Mentioned to her that I've been wanting to see her for some time. We started kissing a bit and off to clean up I went. Came back to some LK. Tyler has nice lips but seemed a little hesitant and I wasn't going to push my tongue down her throat. Lots of eye contact during BBBJ. Was really turned on as this went on for a good 15 min I guess. Finally ready to unload. Whew

Talked a little, kissed a little. Went down for some DATY. Yum. Eating pussy is a very low calorie snack. On went the bag and off to work I go. Did the round trip of positions but the 2nd shot was not meant to be. I've been a real naughty boy leading up to seeing her.

Will I repeat? I sure want to but it seems like I only see RM girls once with the exception of Kristen. Am I trying to run through the entire RM stable? Maybe.

Kareena at Toronto Girlfriends

I've seen Kareena a little while back while she was an indy. Had a great time the first time with her so naturally I had to see her again. She is a legend in the making. Very easy going, like talking to an old friend. She's funny and just puts you at ease from the get go.

Booking took some time as I kept getting their mailbox. They did call back relatively quickly in maybe 15 minutes or so.

We made out for a good ten minutes or so. I didn't think her BBBJ technique could improve from the last time I saw her and boy was I wrong. Didn't take long for shot #1.

We cuddled on the bed for awhile and it wasn't long before we started making out again. The party hat went on and off to the races. The usual positions and I needed to make my shot before the buzzer. Swish. In it goes before the shot clock expires.

Will I see her again? Yes and again and again.

Jenn at Select

Thought about seeing Jenn long ago but never pulled the trigger. Select was having a special and Jenn was available.
Curvy body with awesome breasts. Big in your face boobies. Started nibbling on them and they were ripe and sweet.

Don't get me wrong, in isolatition her BBBJ is good. If she was the first gal I saw then I wouldn't have anything to compare it to. Sadly my mind wouldn't let me forget the others before her. Went on the main event. MPOS but doggie was the most memorable for me.

Will I repeat? Sadly no. Didn't really click but I had fun. That's all I ask for in a session and anything else is a bonus.

To summerize:

Jenn at Select=two pair

Luana at RM=three aces

Tyler at RM=straight to the queen

Kareena at DM=Four of a kind

Hope you all enjoyed reading this as much I did recalling my adventures. 10 girls in 30 days (that cheesy incall doesn't count). Don't think I can keep up this pace for the summer but I'll sure as hell try
Re: The following took place between April 15-May 15 (Old revs)

WOW I really enjoyed your reviews PD thanks for your hard work much appreciated it.

Ha Ha the mods are going to have a good time deciding where to post it.
Re: The following took place between April 15-May 15 (Old revs)

kissmyass said:
WOW I really enjoyed your reviews PD thanks for your hard work much appreciated it.

Ha Ha the mods are going to have a good time deciding where to post it.

I guess we could cut and paste it for the review book. Just thought that since 9/10 of them still work (if you include Mia out west), I'd post it up.
Re: The following took place between April 15-May 15 (Old revs)

I've sliced and diced them up for easier consumption. Left Candy out as she's not on the Mirage roster anymore.
Re: The following took place between April 15-May 15 (Old revs)

PD, hope your cardio was in good working condition to go through so many SP's on that 30 day tour. We should start up your own site and put your schedule up and put the header of "On Tour" :p
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