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IN-Call The infamous Kareena @ Toronto GF


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Dec 19, 2009
Saw her last spring at DM and before as an Indy

Kareena at Toronto Girlfriends

I've seen Kareena a little while back while she was an indy. Had a great time the first time with her so naturally I had to see her again. She is a legend in the making. Very easy going, like talking to an old friend. She's funny and just puts you at ease from the get go.

Booking took some time as I kept getting their mailbox. They did call back relatively quickly in maybe 15 minutes or so.

We made out for a good ten minutes or so. I didn't think her BBBJ technique could improve from the last time I saw her and boy was I wrong. Didn't take long for shot #1.

We cuddled on the bed for awhile and it wasn't long before we started making out again. The party hat went on and off to the races. The usual positions and I needed to make my shot before the buzzer. Swish. In it goes before the shot clock expires.

Will I see her again? Yes and again and again.
Re: The infamous Kareena @ Toronto GF

PokerDude said:
clintE said:
Dr.Vastu said:

We all know what you mean Dr. You are a close second for best review of the month, I voted for you just don't tell the others. ;)

Thanks for the great review again PD.

It should come down to the wire. Best of luck Doc.
Wish you the same PD. If we finish nostril-by-nostril (i mean with the equal score) what will happen?
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