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The SP feelin?


Jan 7, 2010
When I wake up in the morning, my first thought is, "am I going to see an SP today?"

During your day, how many times do you think of seeing an SP? Do you usually act on it, or just think about it? Does the days routine takes over and the thought subsides?
I wake up and I think about seeing an SP, most times the feeling gets pre-empted by this thing called work or home life or kids... :)

I've been hobbying about once every two weeks sometimes more depending on cashflow these days....or I just whack off and the feeling goes away :lol:
Every morning I wake up with a hard on and think of my next SP. Right now I have Jaime in my mind after reading MB's review and Iceman's referral she is next. It does not interfere with my business but the though of doing a new fresh body is such a big turn on.
I don't usually go around the whole day thinking about SP encounters. I do on the other hand walk around most of the day admiring the good looking ladies walking past me. I imagine how they would look like naked, and in different positions.

Sp's probably pop into my head every couple of weeks or so, depending how long it's been in-between civilian sexual encounters.
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