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The truth about Oral sex.


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Feb 1, 2010
Reading the post by grumps led me to this. More scary news.

A few weeks ago, a new statistic came out of the States that had jaws dropping this side of the border: 1 in 4 teenage American girls have at least one sexually transmitted disease. Take that in for a minute…
Re: The truth about Oral sex.

Damn, really makes one think. I love both, the daty and the bbbj's and I have been lucky so far. When I read articles like this it feels like a punch to the gut, what a reality check!
Re: The truth about Oral sex.

iceman_dci said:
There's something to be said about an SP that can do a CBJ and make it feel like BBBJ; I've yet to find one and I know they're out there, but I'm a "no BBBJ is a deal killer" kind of guy. But are we limiting ourselves to just genital to genital and or oral to genital contact? What about kissing? What about digits? Because of time constraints, do we always have time to shower or clean up before we leave? I know I've been guilty of that.

Yes, it's pretty scary, but guys/ladies, if we weren't risk takers to some degree, would we be hobbying/servicing?

Propeganda is a very powerful tool and always gives food for thought; your mind and your gut will tell you whether or not the risk is worth the few minutes of pleasure.

Good points.
Re: The truth about Oral sex.

I believe the risks are a reality and it makes no difference if it is a civilian woman you are banging after a night out at the bar or an SP. Even the so called upscale ladies can fall victim to their last client and you happen to come along next and now you are both infected.

This is the part of the hobby we don't like to think about but the danger does exist.
Re: The truth about Oral sex.

4Times said:
If you are worried about the risks just wrap it up and don't engage in DATY. The SP won't kick you out.

OH GOD, no Flip, lick and pop, OH NO, NO, I need Daty, 4Xs, bite your tongue really hard for even suggesting no daty. :eek:
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