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The big gun manufacturers will buy it and bury it in their basement would be my analysis. Money and greed seems to always come on top first.
Smart guns have an extremely difficult path ahead as they are highly despised by the general gun owning public. It's hard to finance and manufacture a product the buyers don't want. Someone would need to dump a ton of cash into trying to change the gun culture and it's probably a losing proposition at best.
There was a push a while back for people who had DUIs to put a breathalizer in their vehicles. That way they could only drive while sober.

Didn't work because it was easily bypassed and expensive.

Same here. An Igun could be easily bypassed with basic gun knowledge and also opens the door to potential lawsuits if the chip doesn't work.
part of the problem with smart guns is need to work 100% of the someone who works with high tech I can assure you it will not.

Now that is not to say all guns will meet that standard....However most will out preform it.
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