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IN-Call TOFTT - Kristina @ Gspot


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Dec 8, 2009
Kristina @ Gspot

This is a first for me, doing a TOFTT. I see so many horror stories about TOFTTs that I will admit I like seeing a minimum of 3 reviews before taking the plunge, well this is my turn to take a chance.

I've used Gspot before so no issues with them, actually they have a good incentive with G-points. Book 5 get the 6th for 50% or book 10 get the 11th for free.

Go to an nice airport hotel and open the door to meet Kristina, i'm very please with her beauty and she greeted me with a nice hug. Appearance wise, her pictures and stats are accurate. Her profile states 135 lbs but i'll tell you she wears it well to the point I would say she was lighter. Even though her face is fuzzy in the pictures no worry she is a very good looking lady. She does have a tattoo on her tummy but I found it not distracting from her spinner type body.

Had my shower and returned to have a chat to get aquainted. Seems we were getting along well so we got into some nice DFK with hands roaming everywhere. She gave me the option of hooker boots on or off, usually I prefer boots off but thought I would try it and I liked it. I'm not normally a leg guy but she does have great slender and silky smooth legs amongst the rest of her body which I had to keep caressing.

While Kristina does PSE type sessions, I was looking for a GFE and thats what I got. Lots of kissing DFT, neck, breasts and alas beyond. This was my day for wanting to devour her with lots of daty, mighty tasty of which I couldn't get enough. BTW it was well recieved to the point where she just wanted to get fucked bad.

Kristina got me superheated because I just went for some mish and she did feel great. After getting her to the point that was it I couldn't hold on any longer, I was done. This was a 1 hour session so there was no way junior was going to go again so we chatted a bit more until it was time for another shower. We said our good byes and this is one for the books. In retrospect it was a great session with a great lady. I will admit my mood was more set on a sensual caressing type session that day but next time will be more adventurous with her PSE menu since we got along well.

Repeat - yes

Recommend - yes

A TOFTT that turned out very well, I just might try this again.
iceman_dci said:
Good for you GDL...nice one. I saw her in the lineup and I actually thought about my friend Rayden as she seems to be his type, BUT NOT BEFORE I GOT MY HANDS ON HER LOL!!

She does Gomes too...very nice selection on the menu..

Good info GDL.

Shes worth the visit IMHO. As long as the connection is there and your respectful, shes not the restrictive type. Yeah what Gomes likes is what I would want to try as well. :cool:
GDLLover said:
Shes worth the visit IMHO. As long as the connection is there and your respectful, shes not the restrictive type. Yeah what Gomes likes is what I would want to try as well. :cool:

Excellent Review. There's another lovely Gspot date!
Way to go GDL, the TOFTT session I think adds to the adventure. Nice review, I had this lady on my radar too. glad to hear she is worth the trip.

Stay away ICE, i'm first!!!
Tiger Woods said:
Thanks for the TOFTT, no mention of digits GD?.

I didn't use digits, but i'm sure it would have been ok, she's not restrictive, after all its on her website menu along with BBBJTC and greek. She is a PSE type girl for sure, quite frankly I was enjoying myself with kissing everywhere and lots or DATY, maybe too much and got distracted. Maybe a longer appointment that day would have been better, however with a TOFTT you never know so I played it safe. Can see I have to go back as I have unfinished business, but what a pleasure.
mynameismo said:
Excellent review Sir GD, very good looking would be 8/10?.

Looks are so subjective I hate to put a number scale ranking. Everyone's scale is different so to play it safe maybe more of a 7/10. Either way easy on the eyes.

How about extremely hot GND looks.
Smooth said:
Excellent review GDL, her pictures do look good. She also seems to be among the most expensive of the G-spot stable. Good to see she is worth the extra dollars!

Sure I would say she is worth the money and its a reasonable rate, I don't really evaluate value in dollar for dollar SPs against the next.

From G-spot so far I would definitely see Samantha and Kristina again. There are others i'm thinking of from G-spot too.
Judge said:
GD, what made you take a chance on TOFTT

Good question, i've been hobbying now for about 3 yrs and never did a TOFTT. I think the thrill of the unknown is the main reason. I will admit Kristina's pictures, bio and services got the better of my curiousity and couldn't resist. I also couldn't wait for reviews to come through before seeing her. I felt there was a higher possibility of success because it is an agency I have used successfully before. I'm not quite ready to live life on the edge and TOFTT a CL girl yet (those are less than 50% successful).
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