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Out-Call TOFTT: Mariah from Blushmodels


Dec 5, 2009
So I was at the party last Thursday, enjoying the company of various lovely ladies, when I spied a cute auburn-haired girl in a green dress standing by her lonesome near the Mirage section. I had been psyching myself for the party for a few weeks now, and was at my most social, so I walked up and introduced myself. Turns out this was Mariah, from a new agency, Blush Models. We instantly clicked, and she and I spent most of the evening getting to know each other.

Mariah stayed on my mind the following few days, and so, even though I'm strictly an incall guy, decided to book her. She showed up at my doorstep, about 5'2, with jaw-length hair, a nymph in tight jeans, a sweater that hugged her form, and sexy purple boots. We picked up where we left off, the great rapport we shared coming back completely naturally. She has a very easy manner about her, and her lovely cat eyes gleam with mischief. After sharing some playful banter and a lot of flirting, we retired to my room, and she melted into my arms as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Our lips connected, our tongues danced, and the layers slowly came off to reveal a sexy compact form. I drew away just to admire her. Petite and tight, without being skinny, Mariah is lovely to look at. We fell back to kissing, our clothes now off, and I licked and nibbled my way down her body, teasing her pierced nipples, then finally making it to her clit, which is also pierced. Running my tongue over her folds, listening to her breath catch, I concentrated on what felt good for the both of us. I teased, licked, and tortured her till she cried out, and she had to push me away. Coming back up for more kissing, it was her turn to get back at me. She bit and nibbled her way down my body, her hand already encircling my shaft. Then she took me in her mouth and did some things I still have a hard time describing, but oh gods! did they feel good!

She alternated between teasing the head and DT'ing the entire shaft, I'm surprised I didn't rip my sheets as my fists clenched in ecstatic spasms. When I felt myself getting close, I pulled her off for more intense kissing, as I reached for the cover. Positioning myslelf, I entered her in mish. She was wonderfully tight!

We rocked together, gazing into each others eyes, but as much as I would have loved to make this last, I just couldn't. Our cries crescendoed, our bodies spasmed, and we collapsed into each other. We lay there enjoying the afterglow, wonderfully spent, until she had to leave.

This girl is a gem. She's smart, assertive, and has a playful sexiness about her I found incredibly appealing. The experience felt like scoring with a cute coed from college. Definitely GFE but still very new to the scene, her combination of LFK and DFK made my time with Mariah as intimate as the perfect ending to a date. She does have multiple piercings and noticeable tattoos, but I'm very much into body art.

She's a definite repeat, ASAP, especially if she does incalls.

No pictures up as of yet, as the agency is very new, but here's a link to their site:
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