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Nov 14, 2009
When I first laid my eyes on Marisol's pictures on the Exquisite website, I was totally drawn to them. I have always had a soft spot for the Latin ladies. The olive complexion, the dark flowing hair and the soft, sexy Spanish accent, so I immediately placed her on my TDL. When checking for reviews, I did not see any, so I PM'ed Vanessa, who assured me that Marisol, although new to the agency, was the real deal and highly recommended her.

This afternoon when I saw that she was on schedule, I immediately contacted Exquisite. As always, Vanessa was a pro on the phone and booking was a breeze. At the scheduled time I arrived at the location near the Entertainment District. After receiving confirmation, I was buzzed in, hopped on an elevator and as instructed, opened the door and entered the suite. Waiting for me in a hot, sexy, red lingerie was Marisol and she looked so beautiful. She had dark, shiny black hair, brown eyes, a perfectly proportioned body and such a sparkling smile. She immediately threw her arms around me and gave me a sensual kiss on my lips. She then offers me a drink, shows me to the bathroom for the shower and then gives me another big hug and kiss and tells me that she will be waiting for me when I get out.

I took one of my quickest showers on record and enter the bedroom, which had scented candles and soft music playing in the background, and Marisol was waiting for me. We immediately grope each other and LFK quickly turns to DFK as she removed my towel and I removed her clothes. She looked so hot with an hourglass figure, soft flawless olive skin and one of the nicest butts that I have ever seen.

We moved over to the bed and DFK for several minutes more. She is such a DFK extraordinaire, and it was hot with some ear nibbling, neck licking, neck kissing as she ran her hands all over my body. She gently sucks on my nipples and then goes down to meet Junior and gave me an awesome BBBJ. She had excellent technique and great suction, up and down the shaft with some tongue and finger action. Afterwards it was the 69 and she tasted as sweet as honey. Little Junior was ready for some action, so on comes the umbrella. She gets on top and we go through CG while we both DFK and then RCG. There was a big mirror in the room, so it was quite a turn on watching ourselves in action. After several minutes, we switch to mish and we were both enjoying it. Marisol's moaning got louder and louder, and I could feel her gently scratching my back as I thrust deeper and deeper. Ohh, so hot!! I felt my 1st SOG coming, but we were enjoying mish so much that I finished in that position.

I cleaned up and we had some downtime, so we cuddled and DFK for a long time. She was such an amazing kisser. We also chit chatted for a bit and we found that we had several things in common, including our love for music. With about 15 minutes left, we decide to go for round 2. Marisol gives me another of her signature BBBJ's that awakes little Junior from the dead. On comes another umbrella and we went for an extended doggie and nothing else. The visuals were amazing and her moans got very loud as my skin was slapping very hard against hers. We were both sweating buckets. I feel SOG # 2 coming, so I pull out and Marisol finishes me off with a HJ, while we are once again DFK ing.

I quickly clean up and get dressed. Marisol walks me to the door and what was supposed to be a goodbye kiss, turned into another DFK session. I did ask her whether she was open to duos and she said that she is, so one is now in the works. When I finally walked out of that condo, my knees felt so weak. It has only happened to me a few times and Marisol had that effect on me. All I could say was WOW!! What an evening! I immediately called Vanessa afterwards to thank her for her recommendation and help in setting up this appointment.

It was an excellent session and good times were had by all. Marisol was an absolute sweetheart and I would give her 9's and 10's for both her looks and the level of service that she provided. She had an excellent attitude, was very willing to please and thoroughly enjoys what she is doing. She is one of the most passionate SP's that I have ever been with. How would I rate Exquisite? Excellent. Booking was a breeze and the facilities were clean with lots of supplies. Will I repeat? Absolutely! She is a real gem guys, please treat her well.

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