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Two separate duos on CL

Mineshaft said:
Anybody got some info on these hotties or willing to TOFTT?

The 9644 one was reported as totally fake and the ad is no longer posted. Also, it was landline for the number.

I really can't stand all the BS that goes on with CL. I am always completely honest and upfront about things, so why can't the rest? I mean we're in a business where looks play a certain role, but being professional has gotten me very well mannered clients and reviews. Most of my business is actually from CL, so I know guys are looking. I'm sure if it was "so bad" I wouldn't be as busy as I am lol.

I would rather get repeat business, than a one shot money grab like a good chunk of the industry is after. At least my duos are always interactive and we enjoy each other! lol
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