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IN-Call Unexpected Treat of the Day! - Lola @ Mirage



With a couple of very satisfying "repeats" behind me the earlier part of the week, had been dying for the days to melt down to a pre-booked 3hr playdate with Jemma as I hadn't seen her since the Xmas party adn was really jonesing for this cutie - unfortunately Jemma has been out sick most of this week and was a "day of" cancellation today when I called Taylor to check in early. No worries, gotta go with the flow, y'know - stuff happens...anyhoo, my next longest object of desire was the ever elusive Lola, who I'd also been hoping to catch for quite some time for a repeat playdate after our first head to head funfest a month ago, and as chance had it, she was available today to wrassle some with this weak-ass kinkster.

Couldn't wait to see her, and when the door opened, there she was again: still gorgeous, still smilin' away charmingly, still wicked hot in tight jeans and lacy black bustier, and still SIX FEET TALL> There. I said it, and I measured her, just to be sure! LOL

Was instantly in love with this girl all over again. Wasn't long until our clothes were on the floor in a pile and and the nervous, passionate beads of sexual tension were flyin' everywhere, coating the all mirrors in erotic frost.

Won't bore you dudes with a long review, as the original review says it all, but today's highlights were:

- Super sweet GFE personality
- Great DFK
- Fantastic Doggie ride
- Cruel, extended orgasm tease and denial (followed by very loud, VERY WET orgasmic releases by Lola)
- Sweet DATY / DATO
- Achingly satisfying HJ/Ball Torture
- Very erotic masturbation show in the mirrors
- 3 gut wrenching SOGs at the hands of lovely Lola

This beautiful, charming and demurely innocent yet erotically nasty 19 YO vixen was just what the doctor ordered today (even though now I'm still REALLY missin' Jemma doll even more - get well soon babe!) and I couldn't have been more pleased with the day's turn of events. Super session, and I will indeed repeat again as soon as schedules line up for us.

Sidebar - apologies to the other sweetheart Livia, who was entertaining in the next suite, for having to put up with a VERY loud, and I'm sure somewhat distracting rumpus emanating from our suite for most of the 3 hours. What can I say, with Lola, it couldn't be helped! :cool:
GDLLover said:
Great review Demien, I kinda wished I had have been in the next room with Livia, she would have got super hot just listening to your session.

....actually, I ran into Livia in the hallway as Lola was walking me out. I apologized for all the noise we had been making, and she replied "No problem, you actually did me a favor..." Not sure what she meant by that, I had to book, and she was heading back into her own suite and couldn't expand on her comments further, so now I have to book her for a session so I can ask her to elaborate :?:

Oh, woe is me....LOL!
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