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Weirdest places you got laid

Re: Weirdest places you got laid

Kirk Lazarus said:
On a couch in a bar facing the dance floor. I was sitting on the couch and a girl who I met at that same bar each week for several prior weeks sat on me pretending to dance to the music, but hiked up her short skirt and inserted Kirk Jr. inside her. It wasn't really good, because I couldn't bang away, but she just wiggled around to not make it obvious. Let me tell you, it was not fooling anyone. The bouncer saw what was happening, but he was cool about it and discretely told my buddy to tell me to stop it or get kicked out. So my friend leaned over and said, "Hey man, stop fucking her or you'll get kicked out.".

That was you :shock: , yup you did not fool anyone saw the whole action :lol:
Re: Weirdest places you got laid

Late at night in a parking lot on top of my Dad`s car we dented the hood cost me $700 to fix it back then. An expensive experience.
Re: Weirdest places you got laid

In a change room at Reitmans years ago. Had met the girl at the bar the night before and she had told me to drop on by after work. That was one hell of a rememberable sex session.
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