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What is your service of choice?


Jan 7, 2010
If you were forced to just receive one service from you favorite sp which service would that be? I for one love my BBBJ's. I could do an entire hour just having my shaft licked and sucked. Pick your poison, just curious, is it, Daty, Digits, FS, DFK. maybe rimming, or maybe Greek?

I know it's hard to choose one act as most go for the entire special treatment, but I'm bored so my mind is wandering.
king21 said:

Ding ding ding, give the man a cigar, or better yet a bbbjcimsw. I love when a lady does that, just keeps slurping as the love juice keeps pouring out. Mind you at my age, the juice is just not what it use to be!:oops:
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