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IN-Call Who is your All Time favourite?

Re: Who is your All Time favourite?

This is a hard question to answer for me my friend...

Genevieve and Tamara @ GOE top 2 but I say Tamara wins in a photo finish!
Re: Who is your All Time favourite?

Tough question, hard to answer as i must have at least 5

Original Raven @ Indi and Sophie @ Sassys win by a hair line
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Re: Who is your All Time favourite?

Something about 1 girl and this hobby seems to be contradictory ...LOL

All the girls in my sig. are AMAZING and are girls i very much plan on repeating with despite how long the TDL may be.

At this very moment the girl who has blown me away in every dept in the most memorable way and represented a pure fantasy come true the most is ....

iceman_dci said:
Circumstances have taken Brittney off the list and sent out to sea :p

Hailey is now the ATF and has been since I started seeing her and formed Club Hailey :)
I thought Brittney @ PAL became London. London was at Entourage, then Gemini (one week), then back to Entourage?
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