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Who pays more to buy organic food.

Re: Who pays more to buy organic food.

Why dish out almost 50% more for it. Lived without all our lives and no one died of it. Wasting our money because there's no proof that conventially produced foods pose significant health risks.
Re: Who pays more to buy organic food.

My problem is that I don't believe them when they say organic. How much regular produce is mixed in with the organic? How are you going to prove other wise? I think it is a license to charge more.
Re: Who pays more to buy organic food.

Actually, there was a Penn and Teller Bullshit episode about this very topic. They reported that in blind taste tests, you couldn't tell the difference or even preferred the non-organic, regular grocery stuff. The production costs of growing organic food are also higher and have less yield, AND the foods have a higher risk of going bad.

Finally, I've always found the term "Organic Food" to be kind of stupid. Aside from chips with olestra, all food is organic.
Re: Who pays more to buy organic food.

Critics argue that organic farming leads to the risk of contamination with potentially dangerous bacteria and mould toxins, and increased levels of 'natural pesticide' found in organic produce could even be as dangerous as synthetic chemicals.

Who do we believe?
Re: Who pays more to buy organic food.

I have never bothered with the organic section. I also think it's a scam like bottled water. Only advantage to bottled water is the convenience of taking it with you but as for it being better quality, I don't buy into it.
I prefer the organic items when possible. It may be a psychological issue but in my opinion it tastes better, again I am aware of the fact that this may be all in my head. I hope I am not being swindled by the grocery chains as they are taking my extra pennies away from the odd extra play session.
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