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IN-Call Wow Duo Hailey & Maii @ NaughtyTG



OK guys get a beer this is is a long one.

I really don't know how I drove through downtown after my session with these incredible babes without crashing at some point. There was a thread in the lobby about how long you think of the SP after seeing her. Well this one can last for days guys its been a few hours and they are all think about right now.

Mark the owner is a pro and smooth the only downer is that he didn't have his cell phone on till half hour before play time, was getting anxious and worried my duo was not going to happen. Finally got the confirmation and headed to their downtown location. Maii opens the door and WOW beautiful spinner, super sexy, stunning smile with gorgeous eyes and breasts that can compete with Cassidy. I asked where Hailey was she says she is on her way up soon.

Mandatory shower she is waiting for me again with that beautiful smile of hers. She then proceeds to DFK me like there is no tomorrow with her hand caressing my face and gliding her fingers through my hair. Perfect tongue and lip movement with closed mouth not like others that just tease you with their tongue with open mouth. I then unbuttoned her bra and my hands were all over her perfect breasts then knock knock its Hailey. This babe is super cute better than the normal GND looks with seductive eyes and the Mona Lisa smile, solid body with breasts that fit your hand perfectly. She says to continue what you were doing while she undresses. More kissing and start licking Maii's breasts, go down on her and Datying those lips of hers was superb. Hailey then proceeds to DFK Maii while my tonge is still deep in her pussy. I moved away and told them to play away babes.

Remember this is their first time together and they are both 20 and have been in the industry a mere week for maii and 4 weeks for Hailey so I had to act as the director and told them what to do at times. I push myself away from the girls to watch the show. They were DFK each other for a good 5 minutes told Maii to lie on her back so Hailey can eat her. The show started to heat up Hailey's mouth is all over her, Maii then asked me to join in. DFK some more Hailey then stops and reaches to kiss me, Maii then Daty Hailey. Damn another fantastic kisser Hailey is DFK me for a good 5 minutes like she just found her long lost BF, with slight moans as Maii is doing her magic on her clit.

I place Hailey on her back and daty her clit and pussy lips with one finger deep in her ass and another in her pussy her movement kept saying don't stop. Maii starts giving me a smooth slow BBBJ, I let Hailey go and they are both playing with JR. Then Maii wants to daty Hailey some more and I put Jr inside Hailey's mouth while her head is to the bed. Then WOW she took it all like a champ DT DT DT and she kept it there for more than 5 seconds each time. Maii then sits on her face while she socks me some more.

The sock comes on I enter Hailey while Maii`s pussy still in her mouth. WOW again she is tight and moves to my rhythm she purposely moves her legs to get deeper penetration. Maii is now DFK Hailey some more and her ass view was just too much. Took another sock and entered Maii doggie style what a view guys. Maii is now doing digits to Hailey while I DFK her. Final stage comes on, another sock Maii and Hailey on their side Hailey licking her from behind. I entered Hailey side doggie she loves it so passionate about sex reminds me of Allison. I then slowly enter her Greek with no lube and damn another WOW she takes it as deep as I can go and the moaning from both continue. Hailey moved her leg higher for deeper ass penetration then I exploded to excitement.

Overall Maii is the true GFE and Hailey the true PSE CIM is on her menu as well but forgot with all the excitement. Treat them gentle and with respect guys do not want to lose these babes. Damage $ 200 each $ 50 extra for Greek and $ 50 tip. One of the best money I have spend. It is not everyday one gets to spend time with 2 eager how 20 year olds.

PS. Sentry they both want to do you and the Mrs, why don't you make it a foursome. I guarantee you will love them
Holy shit brother..unfortunately I didn't get that chance to hook up with Lola until next week, so you didn't hear me shout "Hey BT...I'm Greeking Lola...What are you doing....?" :lol:

Again, Holy Shit Batman...awesome awesome awesome...I can't wait to start my hattrick session with these three lovely ladies.

Rayden, get your ass down here and out of the airport for a little while!!
Awesome review BT123. You have an excellent writing style. IMHO it can't get much better than that? Having a duo with a couple of hot 20 year olds. I'm glad you had an amazing time.
Excellent review, BT123. It was such a great read and you definitely struck gold with that 2 young ladies!

4X, great find and thanks for bringing the Naughty TG agency to our attention. You have a way of finding the good hidden gems out there. I will be giving Mark a call soon.

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