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IN-Call Your favorite Agencies / Indis and why



I had been going to RM for years before I discovered adult review sites. Saved so much money by not going through Now and Eye magazine or the street ones. They always gave me solid experiences and had the pleasure of experiencing Ashley many times and Holly now my ATF, So I am just a loyal kind of guy.

Mirage because 3 out of my ATF DT artists came from Andy's agency and they are a class act.
Sassys gave me the nymphomaniac Sophie
GOE the God send Paris
DM the spanking Mercedes beauty
ESQ both EE fuck you to death Sebelle and Evelyn
Vixens the sensual Cheri
Entourage perfect breasts and true GFE Cassidy
Select with sex maniac Veronica
Max with the most beautiful Latina in Bianca


My now semi-retired ATF (Tied with Holly) Original Raven who has the whole package on her menu and to top it off is beautiful.
Gen @ Indi my top 5 ATF that have seen 3 times because she is addictive.
Charlie girl with her powerful pussy grip.
Molly Robinson cause she likes to suck cock and swallow as much as I like receiving it.

Your turn guys
clintE said:
I really do not have any favorites have used DM, GOE, Max, Select, Mirage and RM. I like to spread my wealth. ;-)

Sassy's: Kelly is so much fun to deal with. She has a great sense of humor. Girls are always quality with awesome attitutes (Mia, Sophia, Claudia, Mimi).

Mirage: Im in love with the phone girl!! Well reviewed and fun ladies. And they introduced me to Sofia and Brooklyn before she retired.

Toronto Passions: They have Samara, Rachel and Audrey (before she retired). Philip is so easy to work with and has a wicked sense of humor.

GOE: They have Roksi and Nicole is very professional to work with.

Toronto Girlfriends: Ron rocks when it comes to customer service. Oh and of course they have Kareena.

Cupids: Jillian has put up with my endless questions and they have Sasha and Corey.
I won't say favorite agencies, I will list agencies and Indies I would not hesitate to visit and have visited.

Roommates, Mirage, AnonymousGFE (formerly OGFE), Dream, TP, Pal, Sassy, Select, Gspot, Vixens, Entourage, Exquisite and believe it or not Torontostarlets (only because Tyson has never let me down yet).

I have also tried to book the odd GOE lady but haven't had any luck as of yet but can't say I would be worried to give them a spin, but I tend to stick to my self inflicted 250.00 an hour policy. Although I have made the odd exception as in Madelyn and I would also break my rule for Brynn.

Indies I have seen and wouldn't hesitate to repeat, although I am not much of a repeater, Alexandra, Charlygirl, Madelyn, Ladyava, Lola and Juicylucy. The indy that I am itching to see is BRYNN, looks soooo damn hot!

Another one is Mikey girls but I don't know which category to put them in.:cool:
Out of the need for cleanliness, safety and extreme discretion, I've always tended to stick with the high end organizations that can deliver upper class accomodations, establish and maintain client trust over time, and consistently build a positive customer-centric business relationship through persistently high client satisfaction. As soon as I smell risk of any kind, I'm gone into the wind and never return.

For this reason, I've traditionally stuck with four agencies that can deliver to my requirements: Mirage, Sassy, RMs and Select. I very rarely pursue indies unless I get a real strong sense of the above, and among indies - that's a tough find. Juicy Lucy, Charlie Girl and Melanie Blaze are three indies that I would trust and always always deliver the goods.

Not one to play favorites with the ladies (being the ugly troll that I am) I have found over time that the ladies at Mirage and RMs have almost always been a cut above when it comes to looks, physicality, service and most of all - personality. Virtually always a can't miss session regardless of who you see...just one man's experience and independent POV.
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I'm not too loyal when it comes to agencies, I have tried Exsquisite, 4-play (now gone), Gspot & Dreammakers. I never had a problem with any of them, for me it comes down to the girls. I will try other agencies when the right girl is there for me.

I will say I much prefer the indy's because of dealing in a one-on-one with the lady herself as we can communicate and get all expectations out in the open. I always am very cautious of my language so I never offend them. I also carry this through to the reviews, I expect them to read it and don't want to be embarresed or make them uncomfortable for something I said.

Favorite ladies and why (there are other reasons for each but these are the top ones):

Madison Doll - Common interests, trustworthy with personal stuff, sexually multi-facited.
Alexandra - Dominant PSE.
Simone Loren - Exotically hot and sensual type.
Passion - Passive PSE
My 2 go-to agencies are Mirage and DM. Andy takes very good care of his girls, and for me that's important. Also, my current ATF, Sofia, is with them.

Peter is also a top notch guy, I always enjoy talking to him, and the girls he brings into the scene are to die for.

I do want to get to know GOE and Vixens better, but for now my schedule hasn't permitted it.

As for Indies, I haven't really explored, but at this point I will have to take the plunge. With Becky starting off on her own, I can't go long without having my fix, and of course, there's Gen who I must get know biblically.
I have to say Mirage is my go to agency. Huge stable of beauties, multiple locations, excellent customer service. RM and EXQ are along the same lines for me. Never had a bad time at either. Entourage it seems is having more ladies downtown which is great.

I've used other agencies as well sparingly like Sassy, DM, Select, GOE etc.

Indy's are really hit or miss for me. Either really great or ho hum it seems. Just easier to book with an agency as Indy's either cancel or switch up times at the last minute which mess up my schedule.
Not sure if I have a favourite Agency but it seems that I've repeated with PAL more times than anyone else; Peter has great bang for you buck at 180 hr (VIP rate) and being the cheap bastard that I am, this works great for me and he's never let me down. Entourage is awesome with London, Natalia and Melody. And I agree with Rayden TO Starlets haven't let me down either.

Indies...well no secret that it's Rebecca. Jaime, Sexy Jordan are two of the other ATF Indies.

My ribs are healing and I have a large TDL to go through when I'm 100%; it varies with a bunch of agencies...

In no particular order

Latika @ DM
Bianca @ DM
Cameron @ Diva
Cassidy @ Entourage
Esmerelda @ Sassys
Adrianna @ G-Spot
Nikki @ G-Spot
Jemma @ Mirage
Livia @ Mirage
Erin @ RM
Tyler @ RM
Cookie @ Indy
Alexandra @ Indy
LadyRaven @ Indy
Foxy Roxy @ Indy fingers are gettin tired...
Agency popularity comes down to how many 'stars' they've got in their line-up. My 5 fav........





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