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SUNshine Girl Elizabeth, 22, would like to be a secretary at an elementary school and work as a part-time model. The single mom is a Sagittarius who loves shopping, working out, and travel. She likes figure skating and dance, Drake and 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'. Don’t know how anyone can keep up with that lot! (Michael Peake/QMI AGENCY)

Facially, she's cute. But body-wise, too many tattoos, and she's a little soft in the middle. She would've been a solid GND material, but with the tattoos, can only give her a C. :dontknow:
HOF said:
The fact she likes Drake gives her a fail!:no:

Actually, even worse, if you watch her video, in her introduction she says she "likes her boys to have cut abs, a nice gold chain, and a tan". :LMAO:

That's gonna go well, in her career as an elementary school secretary! :no:
SUNshine Girl Jenn, 26, spends her days off with friends going to concerts and listening to rock music. You’d think she’d be on the lookout for a musician or rock star, but no, this 5-foot-7, blue-eyed gal says she’d settle for someone with a sense of humour. (Dave Abel/QMI AGENCY)

There's not much to see here, these are the best pictures I could find. Still not great, D+. :NoNoNo:
SUNshine Girl Laura was made to be a SUNshine Girl, especially when you consider that her nickname is — get this — Sunshine. Laura, 26, will bring a bit of that sunshine wherever she goes, but we expect there will be a well-lit courtroom in some judge’s future ... Laura wants a career in law. Hey — there’s a job she was made for too! Laura the Lawyer! (Dave Abel/QMI AGENCY)

She has a vague resemblance to the Wicked Witch of the East. Though her body is not bad in some angles, that face and that expression just kill it all. D! :no:
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