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Question Who Loves to Give and Receive DATO?

Jane Way

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MisterAsianLover said:
DATO passes fecal matter into the mouth and throat and HIGHLY increases the risk for infection.

Use mouthwash immediately after you engage.
And, be kind to the SP. Never eat cabbage soup, asparagus, lima beans, hot pepper chili oil, figs or prunes, the night before your appointment. Yuck.
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If you lick dirty butthole that's the case. Healthy girls have clean colons and intestines. Especially those vegetarian fruitarian ones.

Making their butts so sexy and tasty just like the pussy. Yummy Yumm Yumm.

No infection to date, and have done the fine dine many times over. Selection is key. Pretty ripe buttholes are the best, especially if she has the nice buns and cheeks to spread for the occasion:bad::666:
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