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Niagara Falls Alexxia (BP)


Dec 19, 2009
I remember the first time I saw her ad on BP and a few thoughts crossed my mind. Currently no BP link but this is her.

Her pics were pretty good, nicely proportioned curvy body, liked her looks but it was her real natural smile that IMO said she was the real deal and worth seeing. Mind you it took a while for that to happen and couldn’t have been happier that my initial instinct was correct.
We met and as we exchanged welcoming hugs and a quick kiss her smile was just captivating. I did mention to Alexxia that her pics looked great and it was her natural smile that was the icing “on the cake” for me. Alexxia smiled even more and blushed as she thanked me as we started our mutual moments of satisfaction.

Although she mentioned she was a GFE and DFK was okay, it was the latter that was the only thing that really didn’t happen, it was light LFK more than anything else but otherwise GFE.
Alexxia started with a slow, licking and teasing during BBBJ with eye contact and the occasional smile showing her pleasure in what she was doing. And she did it very well. After a while we switched things up as she was receptive to DATY. I tried a bit of digit play but Alexxia mentioned she preferred tongue to digits and I was more than happy to comply. Although a bit quiet at first but after finding the right “buttons to hit” her hands roamed down from her breasts – and she does have very nice breasts and responsive but sensitive nipples – to pull me in as her breathing intensified and her legs started to slightly quiver and clamp down on me as her pleasure was obvious followed by a slight laugh and giggle.

After taking a few moments to recover Alexxia started again with another BBBJ and shortly after that with cap in place started a slow and teasing CG as we exchanged a few very light LFKs and a few very gentle tushy taps that she enjoyed and added a bit more to the hot, snug but sensual ride she was giving me. And she’s good at what she does considering she had me bursting at the seams shortly after that. :biggrin2:

Although I had initially started with an hh that was quickly extended to an hr with most everything we did the first time as a repeat the second time.
In between we chatted and she did mention she’s in the Niagara area usually for 2 weeks at a time then taking a week off before she returns.

Would I repeat and recommend? Most see Alexxia’s smile and enjoy her service even though she doesn’t provide DFK, the only downside of this meeting for me.

Kuwa said:
How quick can one change hh to a full hour?
this time, very easily. She knew in advance I might extend and just before the first hh was about to end, I did. In fact I knew in the first 15 minutes I was going to extend.

The only problem is when you try to extend on short without the SP knowing you want to extend because she could pre-book someone else, therefore making it impossible to extend your time especially when she wants the time to prep & get ready for her next appointment.

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