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Aubrey at Jersey Girls

So I stopped in to see Aubrey today. She worked a few shifts last year, and hasn’t been back until now so she is pretty new to the industry, right??!!

I promptly arrived at Aubrey’s hotel room, and she gave me an enthusiastic greeting as she put her hands on my chest and said “Hi, I am Aubrey!!” Then before I could get my name out, she started kissing me. This girl can kiss!! It was strong, and passionate, and playful. I like kissing young women!!

Aubrey is a GND pretty asian, with a slim, soft, somewhat curvy body. She has nice small B responsive breasts with perky nipples, a slim waist, and a curvy, smooth ass. She was dressed in bra and panties with a silk robe, and I couldn’t wait to disappear to the shower. I could hardly wait to see what was under her silk robe, so I managed to pull away, kissing myself free so to say, and slipped into the shower. What a welcome!!

I retired to the shower to polish my nasty bits to a sparkle. When I emerged she was totally naked, as I always request. Her natural B cups, sat nicely, with perky nipples. I pulled her up off the bed and, while standing, enjoyed some LFK and DFK. This girl knows how to kiss! Honestly, one of my best sessions for kissing. Her lips were full, soft, and delicious.

We made our way to the bed and I pulled her over on me, with non-stop kissing, and my hands firmly enjoyed and explored her body while she was on top. Her belly is slim, and her ass has just enough curve. Her back is slim and muscular. Actually, her bike was in the room. She cycled for 45 minutes to get to the incall!! I flipped her over, and my face made my way between her legs. Perfect hygiene. Delicious.

Dripping wet, she smiled and returned the favor, and she treated me to BBBJ, which was enthusiastic and great, although a bit too aggressive with her hand. She took direction well though, and eased off with her hand and worked my cannon with the long delicious strokes I like. CIM was on the menu, but I didn’t indulge. After a few minutes of building my orgasm with her hand, lips, and tongue, I doned a dome and slid into her tight little pussy for some missionary.

I love to start in missionary, and she was happy to oblige. I thrust deeply into her as she kissed me and held my body. She held my back firmly, then caressed it with her hands. I liked the soft cooing noises she made, and I loved that her mouth was searching for mine all session. If I started pumping in missionary, she looked for opportunities to start kissing while I was fucking her. After I few minutes, however, the urgency was building and I wanted more positions, so I moved to cowgirl, which is my favourite!! She slid on top with confidence and rode me with long delicious strokes, building my orgasm. Her pussy was soft and tight. “Wow,” I thought. “This is an awesome hobby!! It is way better than my other hobbies . . . stamp collecting and checkers!!”

Maybe I wasn’t thinking when I said that, because she started laughing!! I smiled. “This is a better hobby,” I said. “Stamp collecting and checkers are good, but I don’t orgasm!!”

She didn’t lose a stroke with her laughing though, and she gently squeezed her pussy muscles as she rode me, to explosive orgasm!! Boom!! That’s all I can say about that.

I lay beside her in after sex orgasm glow, and covered her front in Lavender massage oil. My strong hands massaged first her front and then her back, but then she returned the favour and massaged my back!! Girls don’t often suggest that!! The conversation was fun and easy through this.

However, it didn’t take long for the cannon to get other ideas, and I wanted her in doggie. She was happy to oblige. Her ass is smooth with soft curves. I thrust deeply into her and built up the orgasm more as she made soft sounds with each thrust, then I stopped, and with her permission, covered her ass and legs in massage oil. I love doing that!! And I loved fucking that pussy with her glistening ass in the air! I kept going in doggie, then switched back to missionary. She loved every thrust and I built her to a delicious but not loud orgasm.

Thank you Trojan Bare Skin for your participation in this event

Despite our efforts a second SOG was not in the cards for me so I lay beside her and enjoyed more after sex chit chat while I applied more massage oil to her body.

What a great way to spend the afternoon!!

Great attitude. Fun time! I will repeat.

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