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SUNshine Girl Monika, 32, is one busy Capricorn. When she’s not managing a doctor’s office, the 5-foot-4 beach buff enjoys going to concerts, house parties with her pals, the yoga studio or running track. But most of all, Monika likes spending time with her two kids.

Just this once I'm going to give her a pass on the standard tat deduction because the world needs an occasional geogeous MILF recovering from a mispent youth - 8.5
Sept 19 2011

[h=1]Arabella [/h] SUNshine Girl Arabella, 20, is looking for a responsible guy who is shy and well-mannered. Well, that counts us out. This 5-foot-2 Taurus wants a career in fashion advertising. She enjoys inline skating, reading, tanning and more reading. (Ernest Doroszuk photos)

On the whole maybe not outstanding but still there is something about her..........8/10
I agree, overall she's not SSG materials but there IS something about her that makes me want to do her six ways from sunday........8/10

(and y'all know I'm not into asians!!!)
SUNshine Girl Cassie, 24, wants to be the queen of her city. This 5-foot-1 ambitious Libra likes hip-hop and rap battles so much, she has several favourites: EmCee Bill, Diza and Po Rich.

Tough one to call today. In some of the pics she looks pretty good and in other just a little thick. Plus there are more than one tat that keep popping up. 7/10
and (not to get picky) but in that leather jacket pic, it looks like she has no fricken idea how to buy a properly fitting appears that it is at least 2 sizes too big......someone should tell her that she's got As, and shouldn't be buying a C cup......

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