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SUNshine Girl Lianne, 38, is a leggy lass from Northern Ontario. She is more than a great catch as she enjoys ice fishing, power walking and quiet, sit-down dinners with family and friends. She considers herself to be truly blessed with life in general.

Milf alert. Quite decent actually for 38 - 8/10
SUNshine Girl Kaitlyn, 18, is completing her social sciences degree and is bent on becoming famous. Well, here’s the first step for this 5-foot-9 Taurus. Kaitlyn enjoys running, hot yoga and a great steak, but nothing beats a little tanning followed by a trip to the nail salon.

Today doesn't do much for me 7/10
wait, did I miss something here....18, and a she mensa or something? Or is she so intelligent that she skipped quite a few grades? It doesn't add the saying goes: I was born at night but not LAST night.....

She looks quite a bit like Kat Dennings (before she put on all the weight)

I was going to mention the 18-years old and finishing her degree comment too. Also even without that blatant piece of evidence, she simply doesn't look anywhere near 18, she must be at least 28. She's finishing her degree in slow motion as she is dancing to support her college tuition at the local peeler joint. :lol:

Oh, almost forgot my rating. Normally I'd give her a 70%, but there's a 1 point deduction for lying about her age, so it's 60%.
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