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I think she's totally doable and agree with blackie about the smouldering looks. As some buddies used to say: she looks like a goer! lol....but the tramp stamp ruins it for me....(or whatever that fricken thing is on her back). The minute I see something like that I can't help but think "where's your individuality"?

7.5/10 (I'd score her higher except for the ink)
SUNshine Girl Alexandra is 18 years old and back for her second photoshoot. She says this time she wants to show off her girly side. Mission accomplished, we say! Our girl loves dance and ballet and is about to depart for a Jamaican vacation. (Jack Boland/QMI Agency)

The girl is definitely not 18 years old, but she's not very old either, it's silly to start lying about your age already when she can't be much more than 24. Some very silly tattoos, and Hello Kitty doesn't make her look younger. Her face is quite good for a GND type, not really model-quality though. The video shoot of her session doesn't make her any sexier either. I can only muster up 75%.

BTW, this is her previous photoshoot: Alexandra, Oct 2, 2011
BTW, while I was looking for the previous photoshoot for today's SSG, I found the previous photoshoot for yesterday's SSG too, Jazmyn. It's a huge difference, she went from blonde to brunette, and I must say she increased a magnitude in sexiness in the process. Jazmyn, Dec 7, 2010.
SUNshine Girl Maria is a brown-eyed Aries who wants to become a successful businesswoman. She has a fighting fish named Ryder and enjoys dancing and watching movies. Perhaps she likes baseball, because in this photo she looks to be ready to deliver a fastball.

While no pin-up at least she looks normal like the girl in cubicle #3 in the payroll dept. - 6.5/10
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