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SUNshine Girl Katya, 27, is one busy Aries. She's striving to become a hostess, business owner, singer and artist manager. When she's not frantically building her multi-faceted career, she's swimming, exploring, playing sports or looking for a guy with a sense of humour.

She has a few tats on her right ankle and I don't think she is petite by any stretch. She does have that attractive EE look to her - 7
SUNShine Girl Dani is 18 and wants to be a model. With all her modelling cash, she then wants to open an animal shelter. Our blue-eyed Sagittarius loves working out and lawn bowling.

18.....I'm such a perv (although in my defense I think she looks older).....8.75
SUNshine Girl Kay is 18 but has already found her true love, sorry fellas. She is in the process of forming her own charity. If that isn't eclectic enough for you, this 5-foot-2 blue-eyed gal loves sushi, writing, paintball and cricket. (Todd Gillis/QMI Agency)

Again another 18 year old going on 28: who's she trying to fool? This girl is too short, her head looks disporportionately big compared to her body. And of course she's got a couple of highly-visible SISTs. I'd give her only an 85%, which is still respectable though. :good:
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