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Nicole, 20, loves to tone, train and tan and that’s why she’s a SUNshine Girl for the third time. Cardio training and running keeps our business student fit and trim. We figure it all adds up. (JACK BOLAND/PHOTO)

Definitely she's got a great body, but her face is not really my type. B+. :good:
21 from Cheshire

You know, this is the first time I can remember that I'm not even slightly thrilled about one of these girls. Something about her hair color and face don't go together. She's got black eyebrows, but blonde hair? C+. :dontknow:
Yea, you're right. And if she came into my bedroom naked and begged me to fuck her, I'd say "No, baby. I'm an eyebrows man. And a girl has to meet my high eyebrows-standards before I let her touch me in that special way."

And what's even worse is that I can see her pussy-slit through her sheer panties and I really hate when seeing that gives me a semi-hard.

I would rate her face and body a 9; but her eyebrows just rate an 8.8 and that just doesn't cut it with me.
SUNshine Girl Lisha, 22, is a singer/songwriter who expects to make it big in the music business. She can be found all over the social media world under Lisha Cash and wants her name to be as recognized as Taylor Swift or Katy Perry. Meanwhile, she likes to keep in shape and gets her “butt kicked” with her SkinnyLegs all-female fitness group. (JACK BOLAND/PHOTO)

There's nothing wrong with this girl that I can see, cute to above-average GND good-looks. Nice curves in all of the right places on her body. I don't see any tattoos either. A! /-Thumbs-up::/
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