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IN-Call Death Wish - Three Hours w Sofia & Julia of Mirage

Beenthere123 said:
What no 3 SOG, you are losing it bud.

Really no plan to the session...we all just kinda adopted the "go with the flow" mentality and let one thing lead to another. The girls were terrific playmates, very easy going, open minded and accomodating which made the session very smooth and familiar. Two SOGs with these two was definitely enough based on intensity of eahc orgasm, and I basically ran out of time trying to get it up again with my heart pounding and thighs still shaking...and no, luckily no blue pill for me as yet - the girls I see are keeping everything healthy, happy and harmonious down below - knock wood!

Again, I did need to wear the brown bag again for the duration of the session though....strange, that?:cry:
3somesarethenewblack said:
Demien, Ive been with both Julia and Sofia. You had a duo with undoubtedly two of the most beautiful women in Toronto.

Absolutely, but beauty is only their 3rd best quality, behind their erotic charm and genuinely sweet personalities
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